Will the NDIS fund a top-of-the-range iPad?

2 February, 2023

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Why does the NDIS fund electronic devices?

Keen to buy an iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch or another must-have electronic device? The NDIA has made it possible to use your funding for low-cost Assisted Technology to purchase smart phones, tablets and other technology if it can help connect with your supports during the pandemic.

COVID-19 heralded major changes to how we interact with others. Many service providers like therapists and allied health professionals began to deliver support online. The NDIA in turn adopted a more flexible approach to their rules about what devices can be funded under your plan.

This approach remains in place as we continue to adapt to a new normal, but watch this space.


Does the NDIS fund iPads?

The NDIS will allow you to buy iPads or other therapy-related equipment using your NDIS funds, but the device must:

  • Help you continue to connect with your provider or improve the delivery of your funded service. (For example, a device to facilitate online therapy or telehealth sessions).
  • Be the cheapest form of Assistive Technology available for your specified purpose. (Eg. If the cheaper iPad will be sufficient to help you connect with the online therapy session, you need to select this model).
  • Not be the same as or similar to an Assistive Technology device you already own or can borrow. (For example, can an old tablet or your computer do the job instead?)
  • Not have already been funded by another organisation.
  • Be confirmed in writing by your provider that the device is necessary to continue with their service while maintaining physical distancing.


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How much can you spend on an NDIS electronic device?

Make sure:

  • Your electronic device is no more than $750.
  • Your tablet or iPad used for telehealth or online classes costs less than $600.
    • It is possible to prove that you need a more advanced and expensive feature to help you access a support or service, but you must prove the upgrade is reasonable and necessary.
    • You can also use your own money to upgrade to a more expensive version.

How does the NDIS fund electronic devices?

If you have budget under Core – Consumables, you can use these funds to purchase your low-cost Assistive Device, including an iPad and iPhone.

If you only have funding in your Capacity Building budget, you can use the ‘Low Cost AT to support Capacity Building support delivery’ line item.


What can’t you use your budget for?

You cannot use your low cost Assistive Technology budget for:

  • Products that don’t relate to your disability.
  • Your internet connection.
  • (Apps can, however, be funded with your NDIS budget if they are reasonable and necessary).
  • Anything other than a standard protective case.
  • Upgrades for the sake of upgrading.

The pandemic forced us all to become a lot more tech savvy. With funding changes to the NDIS many participants were able to onboard and embrace helpful new tools to continue to receive the services that they rely on.

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