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Have Fun And Build Social Skills
In A Supported Environment

What are Social Clubs?

Social Clubs are a fun and engaging way for children to build social skills and make friends, while doing something they love!

Social Clubs are run from our Ballina hub and are based on activities such as: Lego, Tech Heads, Art & Craft, Explorers. We have a range of clubs available; after school, on weekends and over the school holidays.

We understand the unique challenges children with a disability can face in a social environment. Practicing these skills in a small, familiar group, while being supported by experienced facilitators, can foster children’s confidence and self-esteem.


How kids can benefit from Auscare Support Social Clubs

Build Social Skills In A Safe, Supported And Fun Environment

Social skills are one of the most important skills needed in child development. They are vital in helping to form positive relationships, have conversations, develop body language, share, play together and function within society. Well-developed social skills can lead to improved mental capacity and cognitive abilities, as well as good overall mental health.

Make New Friends With Similar Interests And Hobbies

Making friends can be difficult particularly during the transition from childhood into adolescence; having multiple interests and hobbies can assist in befriending like-minded individuals and engage in constructive activities. Having friends who also enjoy similar hobbies can provide the scaffolding that will assist in providing immediate and long-term benefits.

Build Children And Young Peoples Confidence And Self Esteem

Self-esteem and confidence are crucial to in a child’s happiness, achievements, social relationships, engagement in activities, and their sense of worth and wellbeing. High self-esteem and confidence promotes resilience, self-control, independence and relationship building skills.

Why Choose Auscare Support Social Clubs?

Amazing facilitators

We take the time to hand pick amazing facilitators who are engaging, experienced and passionate.

Inspiring spaces

We’ve created a safe and inspiring space taking into consideration sensory diversities.

Understanding the individual

We work closely with family and caregivers to ensure we have a thorough understanding of each individual so we can create a plan that best supports them.

Activities chosen by the kids

Activities are based on feedback from the community. We create clubs based on activities kids love.

Social Club Brochure

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Social Club Calendar

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