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Joining the Auscare Support team

Whether you’re applying for a role with our head office team or plan managers or want to join us an independent contractor as a Support Coordinator, we offer an incredibly rewarding, progressive and exciting road map to help you achieve your career goals.

Auscare Support is all about people. Our vision is to be a Provider of Choice – delivering excellence in all we do. Setting the standards, being the benchmark and continuing to innovate… to create a workplace that enables the best people to do their best work, with purpose, autonomy and mastery.

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To empower great futures for our clients and their families.


We are a force

We’re in your corner and have the grit and determination to get stuff done. Underneath the swagger you’ll find warmth, imagination, openness and solutions that delight and surprise.


We are respectful

We are one team and we believe in mutual respect. This means no politics or grandstanding, just communicating deeply and thoughtfully with each other, our clients (and everyone else).


We pass the pub test

If we make a mistake, we’re happy to own it. We hope that this doesn’t happen too often, because we put the work in to do things right the first time. We have a clear picture of what is acceptable before we start.


We never settle

We are about achieving real outcomes for each other and those we support. We’re constantly learning, growing, striving and evolving so that we lift ourselves and each other to be best we can be.


We are uncomplicated

Most things are complex, but we make them simple for ourselves and others. We set a clear vision from the start, resolve issues without fuss and if we need advice or assistance, we ask for it.


We dare to be different

We have the courage to take on big challenges because we’ve built the foundations to support each other. Together we have the guts to leap into the unknown and never leave anyone behind.


We are empowered

We operate with openness, encouragement, autonomy and possibility. We give each other the tools and resources to succeed and the space to learn. This way, we grow into roles and responsibilities that are great.


We want you

If you like what we stand for, we want you too. We want you as a client, a team member and business partner and we want it to be long-term. We care about where you’re going and how we can help you get there.


We are on a mission

We aim to empower great futures for our clients and their families. We do this because we love it. We also know that when we assist others we help ourselves, our families our community and the world.

When you join us you will:

Achieve outcomes

We have to drive to ensure our work creates a positive and lasting impact on our clients

Enjoy trust

We support each other and work together, knowing we will each deliver on the job we are entrusted with.

Achieve mastery

Our colleagues are vastly experienced. We collaborate to ensure collectively our knowledge is shared.

Live your purpose

We acknowledge the role we have in making a difference in people’s lives.

Receive the right support

Providing robust and comprehensive support is critical to our people and our business

Cut to the chase

We get stuff done, are empowered to deliver and don’t waste time on politics and grandstanding.

Are you an independent Support Coordinator with an existing caseload and looking to align with robust, future ready organisation?

Candidate charter

We promise that when you interact with us, regardless of the position
you are applying for, we will uphold the below values.


We will communicate and interact honestly and openly, and will follow through on our promises.


We will tell you where you are at in the recruitment process and commit to regular upates.


We welcome your input into any part of our recruitment process, at any stage of the process.