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Auscare Support empowers you to maximise the outcomes and goals of your NDIS plan.

Auscare Support enables you to implement your NDIS plan in a way most suited to you and your unique situation.

What is Support Coordination?

Support Coordination is an NDIS funded support that is designed to assist participants to optimise their NDIS funds and to achieve the goals stated in their plan.

There are three different types of Support Coordination:

  1. Support Connection – This support is designed to increase your capacity to connect with informal, community and funded supports;

  2. Support CoordinationCoordination of Supports: This support focuses on building the skills you require to understand and to implement your plan. A Support Coordinator will work closely with you to select service providers that can deliver the supports best suited to your individual needs and requirements. The Support Coordinator will help you to build the capacity to maintain relationships with service providers, increase your independence and to manage service delivery tasks; and

  3. Specialist Support Coordination – For participants requiring higher level support, a Specialist Support Coordinator will assist you to manage challenges in a complex environment and will ensure consistent delivery of service.

Obtaining Support Coordination Funding

When meeting with your NDIS planner, be sure to state that you require Support Coordination based on your specific needs and goals. Approximately 33% of participants get Support Coordination approved in their plan. Support Coordination is a Capacity Building support.

Finding a Support Coordinator

If you are successful in receiving funding for Support Coordination in your plan, you can search for a Support Coordinator on the NDIS website, or alternatively, your Local Area Coordinator (LAC), or Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) Partner can assist you.

Why Choose Auscare Support?

From day one, the mission statement of Auscare Support has been to ‘empower great futures for our clients and their families.’

Each day, our team of Support Coordinators take a proactive, responsive and outcome-focused approach to meet the high standards we set for service delivery.

Our team are not focused on meeting KPI’s, in fact, the number of clients they provide services to is carefully managed to ensure that their focus remains entirely on their clients.

At Auscare Support, we take the time to understand your NDIS Plan, your needs, and your goals. To learn more about our Support Coordination services, please call 1800 940 515.

For more information about Support Coordination funding types, please visit the NDIS website.

Three simple reasons to choose
Auscare Support Coordination

Auscare Support has been focused on delivering individualised, person-centric supports to individuals in the NDIS since 2015.

You are unique

Auscare Support has many clients, but to us you are as unique and individual as our first.

We answer your call

Auscare Support Coordination encourages you to speak directly with your Support Coordinator, enabling direct and proactive communication.

It is your choice

Auscare Support Coordination empowers your capacity for choice and control.

How many participants get
Support Coordination in their plan?

Approximately 33% of participants get
Support Coordination as part of their plan.

When fully rolled out approximately 150,000
persons will be receiving Support Coordination.

There are approximately 400 active
providers of Support Coordination.


We take the time to understand your NDIS plan, your needs and your goals. This enables us to focus on your individual NDIS solutions.

Choice and control

Auscare Support Coordination gives you control over the supports you receive and when and how you
receive them.

Endless possibilities

Auscare Support Coordinators will explore all the support possibilities available to find the right provider
for you.


We will connect you with supports and therapies best suited to your individual wants and needs.

Lead the way

Auscare Support Coordinators will guide you through the NDIS maze.


We will negotiate with support providers to maximise the use of
your NDIS funding.


Auscare Support have a highly experienced Support Coordination team with an extensive understanding of the complexities of the NDIS.

"My brother's current Support Coordinator has been an amazing resource that has allowed us to progress his needs. He is continuously and consistently well-prepared, reliable, personable and thorough. His diligence has seen us move forward in significant ways while balancing human resources and budget."

Contact an NDIS specialist at Auscare Support for more information

We take the time to understand your NDIS plan, your needs and your goals. This enables us to focus on your individual NDIS solutions.


1800 849 137

Alternatively, use the contact form below to get in touch with the Auscare Support team.

Auscare Support is an inclusive company. We acknowledge the traditional owners of this land and seek to be part of the future of Australia as an inclusive society that does not discriminate against anyone – regardless of who they are or what they represent. © 2020 AUSCARE Support. All Rights Reserved.

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