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Auscare Support has assisted many people to apply for and successfully access the NDIS.

The application process is the same for anyone aged between 9 and 65, and the process differs slightly for children and young people under the age of 9.

But first thing’s first, you need to apply! We are here to support you to take the first steps and be by your side during your NDIS journey.


Applying for the National Disability Insurance Scheme

Being diagnosed with a disability, whether in early childhood or later in life, is not the journey people have planned.

Having a NDIS Plan can make the most of your strengths and provide valuable supports to make life a little easier and in some cases, exceptional.

Auscare Support is passionate about the NDIS and the bright futures it can offer participants.


How Auscare Access Can Assist You To Apply

Where do I start?

  • The first thing to do is book an appointment with Auscare Support to get started with Auscare Access.
  • Auscare Access will discuss with you your eligibility and the application process.
  • From there, we can get started.

What else do I need?

  • Copies of your evidence of disability – this may include reports from your treating medical practitioner, specialists or Allied Health professionals.
  • Reports need to outline that your disability is permanent and how it affects your day to day function (reports completed within the last 12 months if possible).

What happens next?

  • Auscare Access will complete and submit your Access Request Form to the NDIS National Access Team on your behalf.
  • Successful applicants will then meet with an LAC for a planning meeting to build your first NDIS Plan. Where possible, Auscare Access can help with meeting preparation.
  • If you are unsuccessful, Auscare Access can provide guidance on how to gather evidence and appeal the decision.

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