13 June, 2023

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We receive many enquiries from providers and participants regarding what transport is covered by the NDIS.

A participant will generally be able to access funding through the NDIS for transport assistance if the participant cannot use public transport without substantial difficulty due to their disability.

Funding takes into account any relevant taxi subsidy scheme, and it does not cover transport assistance for carers to transport their family member with a disability for everyday commitments.

A participant’s transport supports may also include the reasonable and necessary costs of taxis or other private transport options for participants who are not able to travel independently, as well as transport to and from school for students.

Transport supports only relate to participants and do not relate to travel for families, carers or providers of supports. However, providers of supports may claim reasonable travel time when delivering reasonable and necessary supports in the home, or when accompanying participants to access the community.

The circumstances in which transport may be funded are strictly limited. Transport must:

  • relate to a support that has been determined to be reasonable and necessary; and
  • be an additional cost and incurred solely and directly as a result of disability support needs; and
  • where transport is ancillary to another funded support, it must be a cost which the participant would not otherwise incur.

For more information please contact your LAC, Support Coordinator, NDIS planner or the website below.



OR the Auscare Support website: Helpful hints for Providers, Travel. https://auscaresupport.com.au/for-providers/


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