12 February, 2024

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The Changing Landscape of Plan Management


Providing plan management – but it’s not your core purpose?

Or is it time to exit NDIS plan management?


Plan management is more than a service; it’s a commitment to upholding the integrity and intentions of the NDIS. Recent comments by the Hon. Bill Shorten have shone a spotlight on the sector, casting plan managers in a light that may not reflect the day-to-day realities of their work. It’s not about immense profits; it’s about dedication and often, it’s about challenges that are unseen and underappreciated.


The financial landscape for nearly 1,400 active plan managers tells a story not of overflowing coffers but of a group striving to provide quality support while navigating a tightrope of sustainability. The transition to the new PACE system is just the latest in a series of hurdles, demanding a significant investment of time and resources – much of which goes uncompensated.


At Auscare Support, we’ve witnessed firsthand organizations that stepped into plan management to serve their communities but found the evolving complexities of compliance and systems like PACE overwhelming. Their core mission was elsewhere, and the strain of maintaining a plan management service was detracting from their primary goals.


We’ve recently guided two such organizations towards a strategic exit from plan management, liberating them to refocus on their foundational services. This process included a meticulous reconciliation that reclaimed nearly $300,000 in unclaimed funds – a testament to the intricate financial entanglements that can arise in this sector.


The transition of clients was handled with utmost care, ensuring choice, transparency, and smooth continuity of service. The overwhelmingly positive feedback from clients now under Auscare Support’s management is a reflection of our commitment to service excellence.


If your organization is contemplating an exit from plan management, you don’t have to navigate this journey alone. Auscare Support is here to offer a guiding hand through the complexities of the transition, ensuring your clients’ needs remain at the forefront.


Connect with Max King to explore a tailored exit strategy that safeguards your clients’ interests and positions your organization to thrive in its core mission.

Reach out at +61 403 604 782 or via email at [email protected] to embark on a path that honors your commitments and paves the way for renewed focus.