27 July, 2023

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Mental Health at work: combatting the Sunday Scaries 


The feeling of anxiety or dread about returning to work on Monday, commonly known as the ‘Sunday Scaries,’ has become a perpetual burden for employees, significantly affecting their job satisfaction and mental well-being. This catchphrase, deeply ingrained in pop culture, highlights the widespread nature of this phenomenon. Below are some suggestions how organizations can combat this prevailing sense of dread:

Define Roles & Encourage Flexibility: Ensure employees have clearly defined job expectations and consider implementing flexible work arrangements. Welcome open communication by encouraging employees to voice concerns and seek clarifications without fear of reprisal.

Promote Purpose: Regularly reiterate the “why” behind work by communicating how employees’ duties align with the organization’s mission or the overarching goals of their department. A strong sense of purpose improves employee retention while contributing to overall health and happiness, both in and out of the workplace.

Practice “Ruthless Prioritization”: Ask, “What’s the risk of not prioritizing this task?” to evaluate the importance of each initiative. By challenging each task’s value, workloads can be approached with more intention. This helps employees manage their responsibilities more effectively, ultimately reducing stress.

Prioritize Mental Health: Developing a workplace culture that prioritizes mental health begins with providing robust mental health benefits. This reduces the stigma associated with mental illness and equips employees with the coping mechanisms necessary for navigating any challenges harming their well-being.

Model Self-Care: Leaders must set clear work-life boundaries, schedule time for self-care, and encourage their team to follow suit. By prioritizing mental health as leaders, employees feel empowered to radically invest in their wellness.

Written by EAP Sunday Scaries – EAP Assist