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Episode 5: Nicole Gamerov, Founder of MyCareSpace

2 February, 2023

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Hosted by Auscare Support CEO, Max King, Rock Solid People features interesting conversations with amazing individuals who are creating positive outcomes and delivering real change.

Episode 5: Nicole Gamerov, Founder of MyCareSpace

As the Founder of MyCareSpace Nicole is passionate about influencing matters which impact the fabric of society: disability, mental health, diversity, financial and social inclusion.

Her vision is to create meaningful connections for people living with a disability so they can build extraordinary lives.

Nicole lives in Sydney with her devoted husband and their 3 beautiful children. She worked in finance for almost 20 years and had built up a successful career.

In 2016, she decided to leave the corporate world to do something which would allow her to make a difference to people’s lives on a deeper and more personal level.

Nicole knows how challenging it can be to live with a disability as her mother went blind from macular degeneration. In her view, having a disability means that you are differently-abled. Her mum is a true example of this, as her blindness does not prevent her from leading a full and active life and from travelling the world.

Nicole is passionate about inspiring people to reach their full potential. She wants to empower people so that they can enhance the quality of their own life. However, she came to realise that what was missing was an online platform that provided easily accessible, independently reviewed information and which would allow people to make important decisions about their health and lifestyle choices. With the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), the need for such a platform is even greater which led to the creation of Mycarespace.

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