19 March, 2024

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NDIS Plan Confidence with Auscare Support Plan Management


Navigating the complexities of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) can be a challenging endeavor for many participants. Understanding how to effectively utilise your NDIS funds to meet your goals requires not only a deep understanding of the scheme itself but also a strategic approach to budgeting and expense tracking. This is where Auscare Support steps in, offering unparalleled Plan Management services designed to empower participants with confidence and control over their NDIS plans.


Empowering Your NDIS Journey with Expert Plan Management

At Auscare Support, we understand that every NDIS participant has unique needs and goals. Our Plan Management services are tailored to provide you with the expertise and tools necessary for meticulous budgeting, diligent tracking of expenses, and strategic utilisation of your NDIS funds. Here’s how Auscare Support Plan Management can transform your NDIS experience:


1. Expert Budgeting Assistance

Our team of experienced plan managers are available to work closely with you to develop a comprehensive budget of your plan. We use software developed specifically for budgeting NDIS plans and can break your plan down by not only the category but also by line item so that you know exactly how far your plan can take you. Our client management software can also “quarintine” funds for your chosen service providers to ensure that your plan budget is going to where you want it to. All we need is a service agreement or schedule of supports from you and your chosen service providers and we can put this in place for you.

2. Meticulous Expense Tracking

Keeping track of expenses is crucial for staying within your budget and maximizing your plan’s benefits. Auscare support has available to you an easy to use app so you can view and approve invoices, receive notification of when a new invoice is entered against your plan and track invoices in real time, ensuring that you are always informed and in control.

3. Ensuring Effective Fund Utilisation

Our goal is to ensure that your NDIS funds are utilised as effectively as possible. Through strategic planning and ongoing support we keep an eye on your plan spending and work with you if you are over or under spending. Our plan managers also have our ear to the ground regarding services available in your area and can provide a list of providers to you for you to choose from to ensure that you are accessing the highest quality supports that align with your goals, maximising the impact of your NDIS Plan.

4. Simplifying the Complexities of NDIS

The NDIS is a complex system, and navigating its intricacies can be daunting. Auscare Support’s Plan Management services simplify this process, offering clarity and guidance every step of the way. From understanding your plan allocations to dealing with service agreements and provider payments, we’ve got you covered.

With Auscare Support Plan Management, you gain more than just a service provider; you gain a partner committed to your success within the NDIS framework. Our expert team is dedicated to ensuring your plan is managed efficiently, your funds are utilised effectively, and your NDIS journey is as smooth and empowering as possible.


Embrace confidence in your NDIS plan with Auscare Support. Together, we’ll ensure your funds are working for you, helping you achieve your goals and live the life you choose.

If you need assistance to access SIL or SDA funding in your NDIS plan or if you would like to change from your current provider, Auscare Support’s team of experienced Support Coordinators are ready to help you today. Call us on 1800 940 515

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