26 July, 2023

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Support Coordination: Empowering Lives, Creating Connections

At Auscare Support, our mission is to provide caring support coordination that assist clients to overcome obstacles and gain choice and control over their lives.

Our wonderful Support Coordination Team are passionate about empowering great futures for their clients.

One such inspiring story is that of our client who was facing severe challenges.

The client’s history was filled with struggles, as they found themselves stuck in a rural area of Queensland, with no access to proper supports, and living in dire conditions. The plan manager’s refusal to pay the invoices of their much-needed support worker only added to their helplessness. But we were determined to make a difference.

“Our goal was to bring positive change in the life of our client,” says Support Coordinator, Scott. “We found them a new plan manager and worked tirelessly to arrange support workers who could help them return to their home in the Northern Rivers.”

“The difficulties our client faced were profound – homelessness, lack of support, and significant physical and psychosocial barriers. However, with compassionate and strategic support coordination, we aimed to address each of these challenges.”


“We not only provided the client with regular support workers for social, community activities, and cleaning but also ensured they had access to a variety of therapists,” Scott explains. “This comprehensive approach greatly improved their quality of life.”

The impact of NDIS funding was truly transformative. With our Support Coordination, our client’s life began to change for the better. “Today, our client is without pain for the first time in nearly two decades,” says Scott. “They have found stable accommodation, formed new friendships, and reconnected with their local community. This journey has given them a renewed sense of purpose, and we are thrilled to have been a part of their progress.”


The positive outcome goes beyond what we could have imagined. The client’s life has seen a complete turnaround. “Not only has our client’s physical pain reduced significantly, but they also found joy in life again,” Scott shares warmly. “And to top it all off, during this time, their estranged daughter reached out to them, resulting in a heartwarming reconciliation.”

At Auscare Support, stories like these remind us of the immense power of compassionate support and genuine connections. We are committed to empowering our clients to embrace their potential fully. With our caring and friendly approach, we aim to touch many more lives and create a brighter future for our clients.


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