Support Coordinator

Plan Manager

Budget Builder


Max King


What I do

I make sure that Auscare Support is heading in the right direction, and ensure that the wonderful culture that has been created is preserved, and enhanced, as we grow.

Started with Auscare Support: 2017.

Unique skills:
I am very good at hiring amazing people, giving them huge scope and opportunity, and letting them flourish.

Previous experience:
I ran a recruitment agency and employer brand company prior to Auscare Support.

Other interesting roles:
I owned a restaurant in Byron Bay in the early 2000s.

What’s Auscare Support like?
Ask the team, I think they would say that it is an amazing place to work, that we achieve some really life-changing results for our clients, and that we do so whilst enjoying our work.

Life outside:
Jessian, Rocco and my little Zsa Zsa. I always wanted a daughter and feel very lucky to have been joined by a little angel in April.

To sum me up:
Not your average CEO.

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