4 August, 2023

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Support Coordination: Empowering Lives, Creating Connections

A Support Coordinator’s Journey with Robert

Auscare Support is proud to share a heartwarming story of transformation and newfound joy through the power of support and care.

Meet Robert, a remarkable individual who, with the assistance of our wonderful Support Coordinator Lynne, has been on a life-changing journey from a less-than-ideal situation to a life filled with newfound confidence, experiences, and connections.


A few years ago, Robert was residing in a supported residential service (SRS) that left much to be desired. “The living conditions were far from ideal – he was responsible for his own bedding and laundry, the property itself was showing signs of wear and tear, and he had been stuck with the same monotonous breakfast for an astonishing ten years!”, Lynne comments.

Robert’s world began to brighten when he joined forces with Lynne. “Together, we set out on a mission to find Robert a new SRS, one where he could thrive, grow, and feel truly at home.” And lo and behold, we succeeded! “Robert loves it there!”.

In his new abode, Robert’s life took a complete 180-degree turn. Gone were the days of isolation and limited community access – he was now engaging in a regular exercise program and making a splash at the pool during warmer days. The introduction of a caring and committed team of support workers proved to be a game-changer. With their unwavering support, Robert was now venturing out three to four times a week, enjoying professional shaves and haircuts, and taking immense pride in his appearance for his outings.

But the transformation didn’t stop there. Robert’s newfound confidence led him to become an active and engaged member of his community. “He eagerly lends a hand in setting tables and assisting fellow residents.”

“He has come “out of his shell” and will contact me to ask if he can go on an outing or some other activity and has also learned to speak up when something is happening that he doesn’t like or doesn’t feel safe with ” remarks Lynne.

Robert has a love for Australian Rules Football (AFL). “Our shared passion for the sport instantly formed a strong bond between us. While he cheers for North Melbourne and I’m a dedicated Brisbane fan, and we share lively phone calls every Monday about the football,” says Lynne.

In just five years, Robert’s story has transformed from one of quiet despair to a vibrant tale of empowerment. His journey serves as a reminder about the importance of great Support Coordination.  Robert’s experiences highlight the profound impact that compassionate care, newfound friendships, and engaging activities can have on one’s well-being.


( Robert with Auscare Support Coordinator Lynne)

At Auscare Support, stories like these remind us of the immense power of compassionate support and genuine connections. We are committed to continuing to create meaningful experiences that enrich our client’s lives.

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