Social Club

Have Fun And Build Social Skills
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What are Social Clubs?

Auscare Support Social Clubs provide Capacity Building opportunities for children and young people
to increase their social skills and independence

Our Social Club activities are carefully planned to promote inclusion, foster positive relationships
and provide opportunities for social and community interactions and experiences.

We provide an environment that is supportive, safe and understanding to each child’s unique needs and abilities.
Social Clubs are important for building positive relationships, making friends and learning.

Social Skill development for children and young people to experience at our Social Clubs include


Social Clubs are important for building positive relationships, making friends and learning.

Social Skill development for children and young people to experience at our Social Clubs include:

Play skills

Taking turns in games and activities or sharing toys and other items

Conversation skills

Encouragement to choose what to talk about or what body language to use.

Emotional skills

Managing emotions and understanding how others feel.

Problem-solving skills

Dealing with conflict and making safe and appropriate decisions in social situations.

Why Choose Auscare Support Social Clubs?

Amazing facilitators

We take the time to hand pick amazing facilitators who are engaging, experienced and passionate.

Inspiring spaces

We’ve created a safe and inspiring space taking into consideration sensory diversities.

Understanding the individual

We work closely with family and caregivers to ensure we have a thorough understanding of each individual so we can create a plan that best supports them.

Activities chosen by the kids

Activities are based on feedback from the community. We create clubs based on activities kids love.


How many kids per session for each club?

Auscare Support Social Clubs are kept to a maximum of 6 children and young people per session to ensure that each child is supported, feels safe and maximises opportunities for relationship building with their peers and positive participation in activities both within our Hub and the local community Each child is assessed on their needs with individual support plans in place to ensure they receive the appropriate level of support and care whilst attending our social clubs.

How many facilitators are in charge of the sessions?

Each sessions have 2 qualified and experienced facilitators.

The Social Clubs are facilitated by highly experienced Support Workers, who are fully screened and have all regulatory checks in place All staff and contractors are supported with professional development and training for each child. Behaviour Support Plans are implemented as per direction and instruction from the child’s caregivers or Behaviour Support Practitioner. Session plans are developed for each and every session a child attends, including social stories to assist children with the transition or introduction to our social clubs.

Can social club fees be paid through NDIS?

Yes, it can be paid for with NDIS funding, both Core and Capacity Building line items.

Auscare Support social club activities have been planned and implemented in line with NOIS Guidelines for Increased Social and Community Participation, Social and Community Participation Activities and Innovative Community Participation.

Do you offer other social club events?

We’re always developing clubs based on community feedback If we don’t have something suitable on offer, let us know what you’re looking for’

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