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Amplify your School Holidays with AMP Adventures – Northern Rivers

Searching for something exciting to do during the school holidays?

Look no further, AMP has you covered!

We have something for everyone, check this out!






Friday 22nd – Learn 2 Surf, BBQ lunch, Lighthouse challenge

Saturday 23rd – Beach games at Byron, picnic lunch, Learn 2 Skate, Photography

Sunday 24th – Be a Picasso, Sand engineering – Mandalas and castles.

Book in for 1, 2 or all 3 adventures! It’s your choice!

Explore the beautiful Northern Rivers with one our fun and friendly Mentors.

To book or for more information, please email: [email protected] or call 1800 940 515.

Numbers are limited, so book now to avoid missing out!

Enjoy new adventuresand make new friends with AMP Adventures.

For more information about the Auscare Mentor Project (AMP), please click here.


[Image description: Picture of Amanda Warner with the words: "A Moment With... Amanda Warner - Introducing Amanda a New Member of the Auscare Support Coordination Team Providing Services in Adelaide.]

A Moment With… Amanda Warner, Support Coordinator ⏱

Two happy young men and two happy young women on a beach with their arms outstretched. Text says: 'Finally, a Youth Mentor Program for Your Child, Teen or Young Adult.' Auscare Support logo also featured.

Finally, a youth mentor program for your child, teen, or young adult

A girl with long brown hair who has different coloured paint on her hands. A skateboard with one person standing on it and one person standing beside it. A group of four young people eating watermelon on the beach. The silhouette of two people at sunset, one is holding a camera and the other has a backpack. Three people on surfboards on the sand. Circular patterns in sand on the beach text that says 'AMPLIFY YOUR SCHOOL HOLIDAYS WITH AMP ADVENTURES!'

Amplify your School Holidays with AMP Adventures – Northern Rivers


Looking for a Plan Manager in the Northern Rivers?

image of 2 young ladies smiling and sitting on the ground. The older lady has her hands on the shoulders of the other. Text says 'Webinar: Auscare Support & The Loading Zone - Empowering Great Futures for Young People & their Families, 12:30pm Wednesday 20th April 2022. The Auscare Support & The Loading Zone logos are at the bottom of the image.

Webinar: The Auscare Mentor Project & The Loading Zone

Meet Bethany… One of our AMP Mentors

The Power of Mentoring… Noah & Oliver’s Story

Auscare Support… Embracing the Ballina Community

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