Webinar: The Auscare Mentor Project & The Loading Zone

Does your child need support to socialise, pursue their interests and make new friends?

Join us at 12:30pm on Wednesday 20th April on Facebook for a free and interactive webinar to learn about how the Auscare Mentor Project and The Loading Zone are empowering the lives of young people.

Our Speakers

Margie Tully, Chief Operating Officer at Auscare Support & Co-Founder of The Loading Zone; and
Emma Gill, Speech Pathologist & Co-Founder of The Loading Zone

Margie will provide an insight into how The Auscare Mentor Project (AMP) matches Mentors with young NDIS participants based on shared interests. She will explain AMP’s approach to providing young people with support and will share a client success story that highlights the benefits of this new service.

Margie and Emma will present an overview of the services offered at The Loading Zone, including: Speech Therapy, Learning Support, Gaming & Tech and Dungeon’s and Dragon’s sessions.

They will discuss how these small groups provide the perfect environment for kids to build their confidence and enhance their social and communication skills.

Attendees will be encouraged to ask questions throughout the webinar.

To register, please click here: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/310917882757


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