The Power of Mentoring… Noah & Oliver’s Story

Noah is a teenager with autism. He has struggled socially throughout his school years and has been the target of bullying.

He is different from the other kids and has found it difficult to make friends. He has yearned to establish a friendship to talk about Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) and his new favourite video game, Stardew Valley, but he hasn’t had anyone to share these experiences with.

Noah’s parents recently contacted the Auscare Support team to discuss their son’s needs and how the Auscare Support Mentor Project (AMP) could match Noah with a Mentor who shared similar interests. Someone who would support him to enhance his social skills, pursue his interests and achieve his goals.

Shortly after the initial chat with the Auscare Support team, Noah was introduced to Oliver, a year 12 student who is also passionate about Dungeons & Dragons. In fact, his knowledge and experience of the game has seen him attain the title of Dungeon Master (DM). Oliver is also into gaming and enjoys playing Stardew Valley with his younger brother. Oliver isn’t in the popular group at school, but has a good group of friends who like to play and game. He also likes to hang out with his friends from Scouts.

Oliver and Noah now meet once a week, work on D&D characters and talk. Oliver has also taught Noah how to play “Magic the Gathering”.

Noah and Oliver have bonded exceptionally well and after their first meeting, Noah said to his mum, “I wish I could see Oliver ever day”. This relationship has significantly increased Noah’s self esteem and confidence.

Oliver is introducing Noah to play D&D in a group with other kids the same age and after learning how to play “Magic The Gathering,” Noah is now attending a regular gaming session at his local gaming store with other teens, without the support of Oliver or his Mum.

Noah was really struggling with life but now he has a mentor he trusts and can’t wait to see each week. He has the confidence to join groups, with kids his own age, where he fits in and his friendship is valued.

This is a great example of the power of Mentoring and the many benefits of the Auscare Mentor Project (AMP).

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