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The positive impact the NDIS has had on Michael’s life

Thank you to our Support Coordinator, Debra Simpson, for sharing this story about her client Michael and the positive impact the NDIS has had on his life.

This story is written by Susan McLaren, Michael’s Community Mental Health Case Worker. Susan has seen firsthand the progress Michael has made towards achieving his goals with the assistance of his support services.

“It was quite a drastic change for Michael to have people from the NDIS enter into his life. Prior to the NDIS Michael had lived a very isolated life within the confines of his home due to his mental health condition and extreme anxiety.

He was provided with a support worker to assist with grocery shopping, meal preparation, cooking, cleaning, and gardening. The support worker also assisted Michael to engage in physical exercise and in activities on offer in the wider community.

Michael decided he would be able to manage the grocery shopping and cooking on his own after about six months of cooking with a support worker and attending the Farmer’s Markets to buy produce.

Michael has really embraced his support worker Sam, who has been very helpful in ensuring Michael gets out and about and engages in physical activity and other activities on offer in the community. Recently they spent a night in Brisbane to go to a live NBL (Basketball) game. They ate out, slept over in the city, and went to the art gallery and museum the next day.

The NDIS has made an incredible difference to Michael’s quality of life and I cannot praise the work of his Support Coordinator Debra and her team enough for helping Michael with areas of need. It has meant that Michael is now able to keep his unit clean and tidy, his gardens tidy, he cooks for himself, and most importantly he is getting out into the sunshine and exercising which is so important for his mental health and exploring what activities are on offer in the wider community.

I wish to strongly support the continuation of the NDIS program, I see it as an essential component of Michael’s journey in life.”

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