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The Importance of Emergency Contact Information

Emergencies happen – And when they do, our automatic pilot puts us into survival and recovery mode.

At Auscare Support we have ensured that we have every detail we require to support our clients.

But what about when an employee, contractor, or visitor is affected by an emergency?

An incredibly sad situation occurred for one of our valued team recently. An urgent medical episode resulting in immediate hospitalisation.

After the initial shock and the sadness of receiving this news, I wanted to reach out to her and her family.

I thought I knew her reasonably well – I talked to this contractor every day, sometimes multiple times a day. We have developed an awesome working relationship as well as what I consider to be a virtual friendship being located 800 kms away from each other.

I knew the names of her family members and where they live.

I knew they were planning a family holiday for a special birthday celebration in the near future.

I knew they were struggling with the lockdown but making the most of it.

I knew both her and her hubby were working from home.

I knew she was homeschooling two of their kids and the youngest one was not able to go to daycare.

I knew this person to be a devoted loving and caring mum and wife.

I knew her kids are cute as buttons.

I knew this person has a super close extended family.

I knew this person grew up and lived in the same area most of her life.

I knew this person is tenacious and brilliant in their work.

I knew this person supported her clients with awesome outcomes.

I knew how well-liked and respected this person is to her peers and colleagues.

I knew she really wanted to have her haircut.

I knew when her birthday is.

I knew the day she commenced with us.

I knew how to contact her.

What I did not know about this person was who to contact in the event of an emergency…

Just one extra field on our Personal details form. That’s all I needed.

How do I reach out to her hubby and family? I need to offer our support and inquire how she is – but how do I do that without knowing who to call?

Whilst it is not mandatory to request an employee or contractor for their emergency – let me tell you how helpful and important this information could have been.

Needless to say, we have added that field for all of our team – hoping that we don’t ever need to use them. But bad things do happen.

Please ensure you have an emergency contact and you share this with those significant people in your life. It really does matter.

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