Support Coordinator

Plan Manager

Support Coordinator


Michelle Burton

Partnership Manager

What I do

I am the customer service/liaison person for our Mable partnership, which includes issues resolutions for these participants.

Started with Auscare Support: January 2020

Unique skills: 
I offer patience, understanding, empathy and a can-do attitude.

Previous experience:
I managed a supported independent living facility and was a training supervisor for Australian Disability Enterprise.

Other interesting roles:
I was in horticulture for nearly 30 years, managing retail and wholesale nurseries – growing plants.

What’s Auscare Support like?
It’s such a supportive work environment regardless of whether you’re working remotely. The business is progressive with constant thought directed at clients and staff.

Life outside:
I enjoy gardening, growing and cooking my harvest, as well as sewing, particularly quilting.

To sum me up:
I’m motivated to complete any challenge thrown at me and am always thinking of others first.

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