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Meet John Kenny

Chief Intake Officer (MABLE)

John Kenny

John Kenny
Chief Intake Officer (MABLE)

Started with Auscare Support: October 2017

What I do:  
I am the main liaison officer for all new business for Mable clients. I also offer switchboard backup for all enquiries.

Unique skills: 
I’m able to communicate (both in writing and verbally) with most people in general and extract the most usable information to set them up with the services they require.

Previous experience:
I have worked in many environments that required communicating clearly and precisely the requirement and needs to proceed. I was in banking at Westpac, a team leader at a Village Camps in Europe and have worked in retail.

Other interesting roles:
In my younger years I was a ski instructor connected with Village Camps in Morgans (a Switzerland Village Ski School).

What’s Auscare Support like?
Auscare Support is sometimes challenging, but mostly rewarding in my team environment.

Life outside: 
I play my guitars –– I now have 8 of them! All with different sounds and tones.

To sum me up:
I’m a straight shooter/talker with “no malarkey” (Not allowed to swear in this profile).

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