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Support Coordinator


John Kenny

Intake Officer (Auscare Support + Mable)

What I do

I am the main liaison officer for all new business for Mable clients. I also offer switchboard backup for all enquiries.

Started with Auscare Support: October 2017

Unique skills:
I’m able to communicate (both in writing and verbally) and extract the most usable information to set them up with the services they require.

Previous experience:
I have worked in many environments that required communicating clearly and precisely. I was in banking at Westpac, a team leader at a Village Camps in Europe and have worked in retail.

Other interesting roles:
In my younger years I was a ski instructor connected with Village Camps in Morgans (a Switzerland Village Ski School).

What’s Auscare Support like?
Working at Auscare Support is rewarding.

Life outside: 
I play my guitars –– I now have 8 of them! All with different sounds and tones.

To sum me up:
I’m a straight shooter/talker with “no malarkey” (Not allowed to swear in this profile).

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