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Introducing Megan Perrin
Your local NDIS Support Coordinator

Auscare support is excited to introduce you to Megan Perrin. Megan is one of the Support Coordinators assisting NDIS participants living in the far north coast of NSW.

Megan is passionate about assisting her clients to achieve their goals, build their capacity, and exercise choice and control over the supports they receive and how they receive them.


About Megan

Megan has over 26 years’ experience working in the disability sector.

After starting her career as a support worker/key worker in a supported accommodation home for the Department of Education, Ageing, Disability and Home Care (ADHC), Megan moved on to a role with the Intensive Family Support program. The program supported families who had a child/children with a disability to connect with and maintain services in their community.

After IFS funding was reallocated to the NDIS, Megan began working with a local disability service as a Support Coordinator and Service Coordinator. Megan joined the Auscare Support team in January 2021.

The most rewarding part of Megan’s role as a Support Coordinator is seeing her clients achieve their goals. She loves building rapport and trust with people and helping them to grow and gain confidence in themselves.

In her spare time, Megan is a keen gamer!


Auscare Support is proud of its reputation for providing the highest level of service to our clients. If you are an NDIS participant looking to engage a Support Coordinator or a service provider exploring Support Coordination services on behalf of a client, please contact Megan today.

Contact Megan

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Want to learn more about Megan? Please read on...

A Moment with Megan Perrin

Why did you pursue a career in the disability sector?

This career actually found me. I worked at a local horse riding school and a young woman would come to ride every fortnight. The manager of her house asked me if I would come and work with her as she liked me and she didn't engage well with many other people.

What do you like most about working at Auscare Support?

Everyone has been so welcoming and supportive. I love the flexibility and the autonomy of being able to plan my day and to ensure that that the time allocated to work with clients is 100% focused on them.

Favourite author/book…

Jilly Cooper - Riders & Polo.

Favourite musician/band…

I don't really have a favourite. My tastes go with the mood I am in at the time.

Do you have a favourite saying or inspirational quote?

"God Grant me the serenity to accept the things i cannot change, courage to change the things i can and the wisdom to know the difference."

Do you have any pets?

2 x Boston Terriers, 3 x horses, 2 x goats and 2 x sheep.

Do you have any hobbies?

One of my horses is a show horse and I compete in the local shows, Royal shows and Show Horse Council Shows. I have just started to dabble in dressage.

Favourite food…

Anything with Carbs in it!

If you could invite anyone to a dinner party (past or present), who would it be?

My mother as I never got to meet her.

Favourite holiday destination?

I don't go on holidays, I only go to horse shows! I love camping in my horse float at Toowoomba Royal for a week every year with my friends.

Auscare Support can also assist you with Plan Management and connecting you with experienced, fully vetted, and comprehensively insured support workers. Please download the brochures below to learn more.

Don't just take our word for it

“Finally! A provider of Support Coordination with sound knowledge of their role and comprehension of how the NDIS framework operates. I can now spend more quality time with my son, trusting that the plan we have worked so hard to achieve will be under Auscare Support’s Guidance.”

userA happy Support Coordination client

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