Lianne Solomons

Support Coordinator


We take the time to understand your situation and build your capacity and confidence, which includes designing your plan and connecting you with the community.
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Someone proactive, responsive and outcome-focused.

Meet Lianne Solomons, Support Coordinator

About Lianne Solomons

Lianne Solomons 
Support Coordinator

Started with Auscare Support: October 2019

What I do:  
I help participants to make the most of their plan and achieve their goals. It’s extremely challenging at times, however rewarding to know that I have helped individuals and families who need assistance navigating the NDIS.

Unique skills:
I can work anywhere, even out of a tent office in the outback of Australia. I have the ability to make my clients feel comfortable, so comfortable in fact that it’s like being part of the family at times.

Previous experience:

I have worked in the disability industry for over 9 years now. I also worked as a planner for 11 months with the NDIS, which gave me a good insight into how the ‘engine’ and ‘mechanics’ work and how decisions are made relating to individual funding.

I have a brother with an acquired brain injury, a husband with Parkinson’s disease and close friends and other family members who have a disability.

Contact Lianne Solomons
Email: [email protected]
Where are you located: Kingsford, Sydney

A Moment with Lianne Solomons

Find out what she likes to do and her personal motto

I have also been a Support Worker for the MABLE platform where I supported a legally blind young lady who enjoyed bush walking like myself. We had a great time out in the bush experiencing everything that nature had to offer and I enjoyed the challenges of guiding and supporting a person who is blind.

I like the flexibility of working my own hours and making decisions on how many NDIS participants I can manage at one time.  As long as I get my work done and adhere to policies and procedures of the organisation, everyone is happy.

I like to go bush walking, meeting up with friends, and travelling around the world. Unfortunately due to COVID the travelling is now within Australia. It is amazing to see your own country and meet so many different and like minded people.

I am a highly energised and engaging individual, with a passion to help others and make a difference to the lives of people less fortunate than myself.

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