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We take the time to understand your situation and build your capacity and confidence, which includes designing your plan and connecting you with the community.

Rebecca Agentas

Support Coordinator

What I do

I support, advocate for and empower participants to achieve their chosen goals and exercise choice and control within the funding of their NDIS plan. I endeavour to take a strength-based and person-centred approach to supporting my clients.

Started with Auscare Support: August 2021

Unique skills: 
Community work is my personal passion. I have years of experience identifying needs, delivering choice and control, implementing NDIS plans and interpreting funding.

I have an in-depth knowledge of local service providers and support participants to utilise both formal and informal supports.

Goals and achievements can change and grow as the individual changes and grows. Part of my role as a Support Coordinator is to ensure my clients spend their funds on their outlined goals and not overspend or underspend. I enjoy my work and the role I play in people’s journeys.

I am a result-orientated, self-motivated individual who enjoys working both independently and in a team. 

Previous experience:
I have 25 years’ experience working in the community sector. In the last five years I was employed as a Senior Care Manager. Before this I held the position of an Official Community Visitor for the NSW Ombudsman. I had several roles in the disability/community sector prior.

Other interesting roles:
I have worked my entire career in Community services, only deviating for a short period of time in my youth whilst studying.

I have always wanted to work with people and both my academic and professional choices have reflected this.

I have worked as a:

  • Direct care worker.
  • Trainer for a mental health service.
  • Operations manager for Wesley Mission.
  • Manager of a day program for people with disabilities; group homes both in a city and regional setting, and disability employment.
  • Official Community Visitor for the NSW Ombudsman.
  • Support Coordinator for various companies.

What’s Auscare Support like?: 
Auscare provides responsive, proactive, outcome focused solutions to those they support.

They take a person-centred approach to service delivery. One of the things that attracted me to join the Auscare Support was the superior infrastructure that supports both the participant and the staff member.

The culture is professional and supportive with clear expectations and outcomes.

Life outside:
I love gardening and have a thriving vegetable patch. I enjoy travel and have travelled extensively.

To sum me up:
I am passionate, committed and kindness matters to me.

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A Moment with Mandy Beams

Find out what she likes to do and her personal motto

I loved being with a new and exciting team in Tasmania that worked closely with the community. A highlight was building “Bikes for Tikes”. This was a fantastic opportunity for the team to build push bikes for children with cancer, and such a rewarding experience to present the children with their newly built bikes!

Auscare Support offers me flexibility to enjoy my lifestyle and to do things I love. I can then also help others to achieve the things they dream of. It’s great to be with a supportive company with expert knowledge to help with any tricky situation.

I love the Gold Coast weather and enjoy exploring new places and trails, fishing and travel. I also enjoy painting, being creative and spending quiet times at home with family.

I like to be responsive to my participants and to get things done.

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