Support Coordinator


We take the time to understand your situation and build your capacity and confidence, which includes designing your plan and connecting you with the community.

Laura Stewart

Support Coordinator

What I do

I connect participants to their providers, goals, community and their own ability to build capability to maintain these. This in turn ensures participants can then feel and be aligned with their achievements and the small or big steps that make a plan.

Started with Auscare Support: March 2020

Unique skills:
I believe I have a very calm and reflective nature, which enables me to build positive working relationships with the participants I support. This allows me to assist the participants I support through challenging periods or crises that arise.

I previously worked in Plan Management, which has given me great knowledge to carry on through support coordination.

Previous experience:
I have worked in relationship management roles and NDIS plan management, both of which have provided me with a toolkit of building rapport, creating and maintaining great working relationships, and learning how to be proactive rather than reactive to challenging situations.

Other interesting roles:
I was a lifeguard for 2 years whilst studying, a sense of humor was definitely required in that role!

What’s Auscare Support like?: 
Working for Auscare Support has been extremely rewarding. Support Coordination is a challenging role, but with Auscare I have had the opportunity to manage my own capacity and hours. This flexibility is incredibly important for me with a young family.

The Auscare team and management are a wonderful bunch of people. Nothing is too hard or too silly to ask, I have felt really supported as a Support Coordinator and even as an independent contractor.

The role-development opportunities provided have also been great. I think that in an industry where growth is prevalent, this is essential.

Life outside:
I love getting outdoors for a run, exploring with my husband and daughter, walking our dogs, gardening, and spending time with all of our family. For relaxation I enjoy painting or cooking something special.

To sum me up:
I’m an outdoorsy people-person who finds happiness from purpose.

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A Moment with Mandy Beams

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I loved being with a new and exciting team in Tasmania that worked closely with the community. A highlight was building “Bikes for Tikes”. This was a fantastic opportunity for the team to build push bikes for children with cancer, and such a rewarding experience to present the children with their newly built bikes!

Auscare Support offers me flexibility to enjoy my lifestyle and to do things I love. I can then also help others to achieve the things they dream of. It’s great to be with a supportive company with expert knowledge to help with any tricky situation.

I love the Gold Coast weather and enjoy exploring new places and trails, fishing and travel. I also enjoy painting, being creative and spending quiet times at home with family.

I like to be responsive to my participants and to get things done.

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