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We take the time to understand your situation and build your capacity and confidence, which includes designing your plan and connecting you with the community.

Kim Garlick

Specialist Support Coordinator

What I do

I provide Specialist Support Coordination to adults whose needs might be a little more complex, including helping them to build skills and connecting them with formal, community and funded supports.

Started with Auscare Support: Jun 2021

Unique skills:
I specialise in working with adults with complex needs.

Previous experience:
I am a qualified social worker with 28 years’ experience working in a range of roles. These include hospitals, a commonwealth carer respite centre, day programs and as a Specialist Support Coordinator.

Other interesting roles:
I ran a Neighbourhood House for five years in the Western suburbs of Melbourne, which offered a range of community programs and events.

What’s Auscare Support like?:
The team at Auscare is professional and ethical.

Life outside:
I enjoy spending time with my dog and gardening.

To sum me up:
I am a calm and patient person who enjoys working with people with complex needs.

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A Moment with Mandy Beams

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I loved being with a new and exciting team in Tasmania that worked closely with the community. A highlight was building “Bikes for Tikes”. This was a fantastic opportunity for the team to build push bikes for children with cancer, and such a rewarding experience to present the children with their newly built bikes!

Auscare Support offers me flexibility to enjoy my lifestyle and to do things I love. I can then also help others to achieve the things they dream of. It’s great to be with a supportive company with expert knowledge to help with any tricky situation.

I love the Gold Coast weather and enjoy exploring new places and trails, fishing and travel. I also enjoy painting, being creative and spending quiet times at home with family.

I like to be responsive to my participants and to get things done.

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