Support Coordinator


We take the time to understand your situation and build your capacity and confidence, which includes designing your plan and connecting you with the community.
I´m looking for

Someone proactive, responsive and outcome-focused.

Debra Simpson, Support Coordinator

About Debra Simpson

Debra Simpson 
Support Coordinator

Started with Auscare Support: July 2020

What I do:  
I help clients reach their goals and build confidence and skill in their daily life.

Unique skills:
I have an ability to know where things need to go and see opportunities.

Previous experience:
I have a really mixed and varied variety of roles that have given me a broad life experience.

Contact Debra Simpson
Email: [email protected]
Where are you located: Ocean Shores

A Moment with Debra Simpson

Find out what she likes to do and her personal motto

These days I enjoy what I do – I find it is more about what attitude I bring to my role.

I think it’s a good company and progressive.

I like to be with friends or relax in the sun – clean my house or garden – I don’t mind. I value having some spare time though because my life is pretty full.

I’m warm, astute and caring.

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