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Specialist Support Coordination: We’re here for you during the most challenging of times

Navigating the NDIS pathway can be tricky and trying for many of us, especially if you or someone you support is experiencing highly complex issues in their life.

At Auscare Support – we are an accredited provider of Specialist Support Coordination.

So what is “Specialist Support Coordination?”

A Support Coordinator and Specialist Support Coordinator roles are very similar, however, there are some key differences.

  • Specialist Support Coordination (SSC) is funded by the NDIS to provide a higher and more intense level of Support Coordination to assist a person with additional high or complex needs to successfully engage supports and services through their NDIS plan and mainstream services such as housing, legal, education and employment issues.
  • As with Support Coordination, your SSC will support you to understand your NDIS plan and funded supports. The SSC will work with you to develop a plan, assisting to identify priorities and what actions will be required to assist in alleviating any issues that are preventing you from reaching your NDIS goals.
  • The SSC often takes the lead in coordinating a multidisciplinary team approach with Allied Health Therapists, Case Managers, and other coordinators and stakeholders, to negotiate appropriate support solutions and seek to achieve well-coordinated plan implementation.
  • SSC support is intense and time limited and focuses on addressing barriers, reducing complexity and potentially assisting to resolve points of crisis. The intended outcome being to enable a participant to connect with services, build capacity and resilience so that SSC will not be required on an ongoing basis.
  • SSC’s will assist stakeholders with resolving points of crisis for NDIS participants, assisting to ensure a consistent delivery of service and access to relevant supports during crisis situations.

The NDIA states that:

For Specialist Support Coordination to be included within a plan there must be clear benefits to the participant that result from this model of supports coordination. It is anticipated that this support will be very rarely required and only under exceptional circumstances. Specialist Support Coordination must include clear goals for the duration of the first plan that aim to decrease the need for this high intensity support to continue. It is expected that if coordination is required beyond the first plan, the NDIA will recommend Support Coordination, rather than Specialist Support Coordination.

Specialist Support Coordination includes, but is not limited to:

  • Supporting participants and/or their plan nominee/s to understand the Plan;

  • Connecting participants with supports and services;

  • Designing support approaches;

  • Establishing new supports;

  • Intense Support Coordination;

  • Resolving points of crisis: Planning, Prevention, Mitigation, and Action;

  • Addressing complex barriers;

  • Designing a Complex Service Plan for participants and other stakeholders to follow; and

  • Assisting participants to build capacity and resilience;

SSC is only funded in exceptional circumstances where the participant has additional needs and/or may be experiencing highly complex challenges. If you believe you or a person you support would benefit from SSC, discuss this with your NDIS planner, Local Area Coordinator or existing Support Coordinator.

At Auscare Support – Specialist Support Coordination is provided by our highly and suitably qualified Specialist Support Coordinators who are experts in their field, to ensure that a participant who is funded for SSC is adequately supported to reach their NDIS goals.

For more information, please call our friendly team on 1800 940 515.

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