Shane’s Story: Music, Self-Confidence & Friendship

Shane is an NDIS participant living on the far-north coast of NSW. Auscare Support provides him with both Plan Management and Support Coordination services.

His Support Coordinator, Debra Simpson, shared this story recently and we are delighted to be able to share it with you.

Shane loves music, especially playing the guitar. One of Shane’s NDIS goals is to access activities, including watching live music gigs.

Recently, with the assistance of Debra, Shane engaged a new Support Worker, Horace, to help him achieve this goal.

Horace is also a musician and played with the well-known Australian band, ‘Bourbon Street.’ Shane and Horace hit it off from the moment they met, and one of their first outings together was to listen to some country music at a local Sunday session.

Some of Horaces’ friends were playing at the gig and invited Shane to come along to their wedding that Horace was going to perform at. Horace invited Shane to join his band and to perform at the wedding. Shane is seated in the middle of the picture.

“I expected Shane to not answer the door when Horace arrived… but he was ready and prepared,” said Shane’s Mum. “He had even been practising his chords!”

“Prior to meeting Horace, Shane was very shy,” explains Debra. Shane’s Support Coordinator. “Shane has been reflecting on the positive changes since having the NDIS funding and how Horace treats him with equal respect and sensitivity and really recognises his potential to shine.”

Since the wedding performance, Horace has introduced Shane to another NDIS participant, Sam, who also has a passion for music. Sam is a drummer and both he and Shane have become friends. They are looking forward to getting together for jamming sessions!

“Shane has gained so much self-confidence and has benefited so much from having Horace in his life,” Debra exclaims. “Horace is known for his ingenuity, his gorgeous heart, and we are so lucky to have his support.”

Shane’s story is a great example of how he has been able to exercise choice and control over the services he receives and how he has been able to work towards his goals.

Congratulations Shane on pursuing your passion for music and for making the most of your NDIS Plan.

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