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Receive daily care from a person you trust, from personal assistance in the home to support when you head out and about.
I´m looking for

Support Worker
who cares for my needs

Your Support Worker will help you feel reassured and secure
as they assist with the personal services you require in the home and beyond.
Trust that your basic needs will be met today as you plan for tomorrow.

You can rely on your Support Worker to:

your needs

Treat you with care
and sensitivity.


Turn up when they say they will,
and on time.

with personal care

Assist with at-home personal and respite care, including nursing and medication.

Connect you
with the community

Help you connect with the community, shopping and meal preparation, transport as well as support and companionship.

your calls

Provide you with their mobile number and be available from 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday.


Offer ongoing, continuous support from someone you know and trust.

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Get started with us today

I need to understand

How Auscare Support is different

Our reliable Support Workers are backed by robust systems and processes and
understand the important role they plan in people’s lives. 

Here’s the Auscare Support difference:

I need to know more about Support Workers

A Support Worker is someone who helps participants to live their lives more independently by providing both physical and emotional support.

The role can vary, since each participant has unique needs, but normally includes help inside and outside the home.

Auscare Support only provides assistance to participants when they are outside the home. So tasks like cleaning, cooking and looking after a participant’s personal needs are not yet part of our service offering.

Understanding what hobbies and interests you already participate in, finding out some of the things you’ve always wanted to try, and accompanying you as you attend these and connect with your community is definitely something that our Support Workers can embrace.

Revisiting those things you used to enjoy and would like to take up again is also possible.

Attending the footy together, going to talks at the local library, visiting a farmer’s market, learning new skills like cooking and IT, plus attending meetups, are all common activities that participants enjoy with assistance from a Support Worker.

Helping with daily living like attending appointments, banking, shopping or walking the dog are also popular activities.

It’s about being there for you as a companion and mentor and building bridges between yourself and your local community. It’s also about making memories and celebrating your milestones and successes.

Yes, Support Work is funded by the NDIS and it falls under a participant’s Core Supports budget.

Your NDIS budget can be broken down into the following categories:

  • Core: support that helps a participant complete daily living activities.
  • Capacity building: A support that helps a participants build their independence and skills.
  • Capital: A support for an investment, such as assistive technologies, equipment and home or vehicle modifications, or funding for capital costs like paying for specialist disability accommodation.

Support Workers at Auscare Support focus on social and community participation. They assist you with pursuing your hobbies and interests, as well as taking care of the daily tasks that you complete out in your community.

Some components of Support Work include assisting participants with their daily living inside the home like bathing and administering medication. This is not yet part of Auscare Support’s service offering.

Domestic Assistants make sure a participant’s home is well maintained, which could include cleaning, gardening and home maintenance. Auscare Support does not offer a Domestic Assistance service yet either.

A Support Coordinator’s job is to understand the goals that are laid out in your NDIS plan and help bring these to life.

A great Support Coordinator will keep a bird’s-eye view of your budget, often working with a Plan Manager to pay your invoices and look after the administration of your plan.

They might even team up with an Auscare Support Budget Builder to break down your services per provider, or per hour across weeks and months, to make sure your budget is fully allocated by the end of your plan.

A good Support Coordinator will also work out the exact types of supports you need to meet your goals and will have local knowledge of who is good and importantly, who is available.

They can establish Service Agreements and help you with scheduling and managing how you interact with providers.

Support Workers don’t offer the oversight and management of your plan that Support Coordinators do. Their role is to provide personal, on-the-ground assistance with your daily needs.

Support Workers at Auscare Support focus on social and community participation like attending events with you and connecting with groups that you’ve wanted to explore or already have some experience with.

The can also be there to help with your to-do list of tasks like banking and appointments.

In a nutshell, Support Coordination is about management and oversight, Support Work is about being a daily companion and mentor.

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Vanessa Geange – Logan’s Support Coordinator

"He needed an intensive block of support up front, which he’d never had."

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Auscare Support is an NDIS registered provider, specialising in Plan Management,
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We enable you to implement your NDIS plan in a way most suited to you and your unique situation.

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We will communicate and interact honestly and openly, and will follow through on our promises


We will be transparent with our fees and charges. You will understand any costs or fees clearly and in advance.


If you contact us about our services we will truly listen and it will be brought to the attention of our leaders.

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