We take the time to assist your child or teen with developing new skills and building confidence by listening and focusing on their needs.
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Whether your child or teen is feeling left behind by impersonal support services, or just looking to develop new skills and build confidence, one-to-one peer support can make all the difference.
The Support Workers who engage with our young clients act as Mentors. We will match your child with a Mentor who shares their interests and will help them to explore them. Our Mentors build a strong connection with your child and will work with them to achieve their goals.

You can rely on your Mentor to:

Understand your child’s goals

Your Mentor will take the time to learn about your child’s goals and interests and help them find ways to pursue them.

Share in your child’s favourite activities

Your Mentor will accompany your teen to activities of interest, whether at home, in the community, or at one of our dedicated social hubs.

Focus on
your child

When spending time together, the Mentor’s focus will be solely on the child.

Understand what activities are available locally

Your Mentor will use their local knowledge to help your teen find groups and organisations that reflect their interests.

Let your child
make the choices

Your child will choose what activities they engage in, where they engage in these activities and how often.

Listen to you
and your teen

Your Mentor will pay attention to feedback and be flexible in finding the best way to explore your child’s areas of interest.

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How Auscare Support is different

Many support services offer a one-size-fits-all approach, which doesn’t account for a young person’s particular circumstances. Our Mentor Service is a more personalised alternative, giving young people far greater freedom in how they pursue opportunities for self-development. With a Mentor, you aren’t restricted to pre-planned group activities or outings on specific days of the week. Auscare Support understands that young people can sometimes fall through the cracks of traditional support schemes – our Mentor Service can offer a more responsive, human approach.

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Our program gives young people the power to pursue their interests and develop themselves with the support of a Mentor. Clients are matched with a sympathetic guide who will explore their shared interests in either the home, the community or one of our dedicated hubs. The Mentor understands the client’s goals what they want to achieve and how they want to grow and will help them get there. The Mentor Program aims to provide the individual, human attention that group support services cannot always offer.

Every person is different, and the Mentor will assist your child with finding activities based on their own interests and needs. Your teen might be looking for someone to help them get out in the community and participate in hobbies. Or perhaps your child needs a mentor to guide them through a tough time at school. Or maybe they’re just looking for someone to play games with or show them a few guitar chords. The Mentor Program is flexible enough to meet a variety of needs.

Broadly speaking, our Mentor s can work with your child across these areas:

  • Providing personal support during shortened school hours, or periods of suspension;

  • Helping your child to participate in the community and access their favourite hobbies and activities;

  • Being there to guide your teen through the challenges and opportunities that come with leaving school;

  • Accompanying your child on outings and weekends away.

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Belinda – Logan’s Support Coordinator

"He needed an intensive block of support up front, which he’d never had."

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