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Mable is an online platform that connects you with supports who match your specific needs, but they are not NDIS-accredited. If you’re Agency Managed, you cannot access their platform directly to use your funds. Auscare Support has partnered with Mable so you can access their platform whilst remaining Agency Managed.

You can rely on the Auscare Support + Mable team to:

a range of supports

Give you access to one of Australia’s largest marketplaces of providers.


Because you build a direct relationship online, fees and charges are lower at Mable, offering value-for-money.

Let you
search for specifics

Allow you to search for providers using specific terms, including language, location, interests and other details.

the love

Build up a small network of support workers so that you’re not too dependent on one or two people.

your calls

Provide you with their mobile number and be available, as agreed.

you feel secure

Work with screened, insured and compliant providers.

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Mable is an online marketplace of independent Support Workers. They can help you reach your goals and get out into your local community, work, study, travel and more.

You can sign up to Mable for free and access a large database of Workers in your local area, narrowing your search to meet your interests as well as their availability and skills.

You can create shortlists of favourites and then agree to the service, price, time and location that you like. You choose the right Support Worker for you, when they assist you, and how much you pay.

If you’re NDIS Managed, you can’t access Mable Support Workers because they aren’t registered with the NDIS.

Auscare Support is registered with the NDIS, so you can go through us to access Mable Support Workers for a 10 per cent fee.

When you’re completing your budget, make sure you account for Auscare Support’s fee in advance so that you don’t over-spend.

Auscare Support Plan Managers are also NDIS-registered. If you’re Agency Managed, you can become completely or partially Plan Managed with Auscare Support, and through this, access the Mable Support Workers you need.

If you choose to become Plan Managed by Auscare Support when you’re Agency Managed, our 10 per cent fee will be waived.

More than 2 million hours of support have been provided to the community by Mable to date. Their commitment to participants (and their Support Workers) is paramount and they stand by being a safe and compliant organisation.

All Mable Support Workers are protected by public liability, personal accident and professional indemnity cover for claims arising from the performance of their duties.

All workers must have an ABN and have undergone a current Police Check and a Working with Children check (if they work with children).

Those who obtained their police check after 1 January 2021 also need a Worker Screening Check (WSC). (Rules differ by state and Victorian workers now need a WSC.)

Mable undertakes reference checks and checks AHPRA registrations for nurses and allied health professionals.

Clients are also able to rate their Support Workers, which allows participants to give important feedback on how they did.

Mable’s goal is to connect you with a community of supports who can step in to fill any gaps quickly and easily. If your Support Worker doesn’t turn up, you can easily arrange for a replacement from your saved list of contacts.

The control over your Support Workers and how you engage them rests completely with you. This means that you can discontinue or change services, or change a specific service provider, whenever you feel the need.

Agency Managed participants must abide by the NDIS price guide. This means that you cannot pay your Mable Support Worker above the price cap.

(When you’re Plan Managed, you also need to follow the price guide, but if you’re Self Managed, you can pay your supports above the cap.)

Support Workers are paid by Mable every week after invoices have been submitted and approved.

A support, or service provider, is a business or organisation that delivers funded services.

These can include not-for-profits or charities, companies including sole traders, or other type of businesses. Those who are registered with the NDIS are called ‘NDIS registered providers’.

There are close to 18,000 providers registered across Australia. Registering can be a time consuming and expensive process, so even though it’s an option for all providers to become NDIS registered, some choose not to.

Many businesses are new or quite small and it doesn’t make sense for them to register, but they may still bring passion, commitment and quality services to the lives of people with disabilities.

The tangible difference between registered and non-registered providers is that those who are registered can claim their invoices with the NDIS directly.

If you are Self Managed, you will need to pay unregistered providers direct and claim the funds back from the NIDS through the NDIS portal.

If you are Plan Managed, the invoice gets sent directly to your Plan Manager, and they claim the funds from the NDIS and pay your provider directly.

If you are Agency Managed, you can only use NDIS registered providers.

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