NDIS Poddcast: Rock Solid People Podcast… Episode 19, Steve Dresler – CEO & Founder of Whatability

Hosted by Auscare Support CEO, Max King, Rock Solid People features interesting conversations with amazing individuals who are creating positive outcomes and delivering real change.

Episode 19: Steve Dresler, CEO & Founder of Whatability

Steve was just a regular kid who grew up on a farm with a dream to play in the NRL. At 21 years with 14 surgeries behind him and 4 weeks away from achieving his goal, he damaged his ACL for the 3rd time. His career was over. 
Steve had been robbed of his passion but soon fell into the disability space. He discovered the important lesson that if you can live your life and also make sure somebody else’s life is okay, you will always be OK. Find out how Steve turned everything around.

To listen to this episode, please click here.

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