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Rock Solid People Podcast… Episode 6: Sam Paior, CEO of the Growing Space

Hosted by Auscare Support CEO, Max King, Rock Solid People features interesting conversations with amazing individuals who are creating positive outcomes and delivering real change.

Episode 6: Sam Paior, CEO of the Growing Space

Sam has worked in the disability sector as advocate, parliamentary advisor, family educator, board member and consultant for seventeen years. Her experience crosses sensory, autism spectrum, physical as well as intellectual disabilities. She parents two young people who between them have extra disability, education and health needs, and is a strong believer in building inclusive communities for all. She is known as one of Australia’s foremost experts on the NDIS.

Sam is a passionate disability advocate, and national NDIS subject matter expert, serving people with disability and their families directly as CEO of her SA-based social enterprise, The Growing Space.

Sam has a team of 13 Support Coordinators offering services to NDIS participants, as well as through a broad array of state and national board and committee memberships and volunteer work. Sam also serves on the NDIA’s IAC Self Management Reference Group, and the National Schools Inclusion Project.

The Growing Space offers a specialist Disability and engagement consultancy for service providers and the Government providing one-to-one Support Coordination for families navigating the NDIS disability maze. Sam offers tailored information about services, entitlements, education, recreation and respite options and assists families going through the NDIS planning process and making tough decisions with and for their children with disability.

To listen to this episode, please click here.

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