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Meet Rebecca Reeves

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Rebecca Reeves

Rebecca Reeves 
Plan Manager—Manager

Started with Auscare Support: May 2019

What I do:  
I liaise with our NDIS Plan Managed participants, their families and carers, as well as the providers who are supporting our clients. I have a great team that I work with at Auscare Support. I enter service agreements for our clients and I enter invoices for their supports. I regularly check in on our client’s budget so that we, in partnership with our client, know that we are on track with the funding budget.

Unique skills: 
I have worked in a range of organisations that have allowed me to foster different skills. I feel I have high level communication skills, which is important in a role such as this. 

We often work remotely, so I believe having good communication skills is necessary to gaining the best possible outcomes for our clients. 

I have previous bookkeeping skills, which is a distinct advantage in this role. One of my family members is also engaged with the NDIS as a participant and I think this has greatly assisted my knowledge of the NDIS and also allows me a more personal understanding for our clients. 

Previous experience:
I have previously worked in government departments, and I feel this has given me the skills of conflict resolution as well as advocacy for our clients. I have bookkeeping experience that has been advantageous in understanding the NDIS systems as well as our specific CRM system that is used at Auscare Support.

Other interesting roles: 
I was a movie Extra on the set of “Babe”! 

What’s Auscare Support like?
I love the flexibility that the Auscare Support family offers. There is an understanding of work-life balance, and the team is well supported. It’s a wonderful family environment. 

Life outside:
I have recently discovered mountain biking, which I love. This is much to the delight of my partner who has always tried to get me to join him on rides. I love being able to explore new places and find little gems in the area I live. There is so much more you can see when you are out in the bush on a bike. 

I have two teenagers, so I spend time assisting them with schoolwork and social outings. I enjoy cooking and of course eating! We have two fluffy Guinea pigs, Pepsi and Max.

To sum me up:
Try and find the best in every situation.

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