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By Auscare General Manager, Max King

Not sure if you were more aware of it than I was but the advent of a new decade crept up on me. New decades, like every new year, tend to create a chance to reset goals… the ubiquitous “New Years’ Resolutions.”

But Auscare Support and the team, are as tightly focused on our mission, as ever. We don’t need to refocus… or change our goals.

We want to provide exemplary:

  • Plan Management
  • Support Coordination
  • Support Staff

As we have done for the last 4 years.

We do this by being focused on small autonomous teams. We offer our team incredible flexibility. Most of the team, choose how much they work, what days they work, what time of the day they work, where they work (home, café, beach).

Auscare Support do this because if we give our amazing team the flexibility to do work when and how they want – and support them with a robust back office – then we believe that their focus is:

  • Not about the drive to the office
  • Not about their monthly KPI’s
  • But it is 110% about providing the best possible care and support to their clients.

The 2010’s saw a fundamental shift in working habits. Driven by the millennials that wanted to have work life balance – there has been a change in the work habits of individuals who have been in the workforce for 20+, 30+ years.

Auscare Support recognised this change in the mindset of our target team members. We are agnostic to the age of the individual… we are however intently focused on how that team member prioritises, what’s important to them.

We know that the traditional office, 9am to 5pm, monthly targets and lots of meetings that achieve nothing… is an archaic team management methodology.

But we are not resting on our laurels… quite the opposite. We are turbo charging our efforts.

From 25+ Support Coordinators – we want double that… maybe triple. From 700 clients – we want double that – at a minimum.

We are just about to sign off on an AI project that will make the Plan Management team – exponentially more efficient. With that efficiency we can focus on supporting our clients even more.

It will also enable us to – without a shadow of a doubt – be the fastest payer of invoices of any Plan Management provider… watch this space folks.

So still tightly focused… but with some really exciting times ahead…

WATCH OUT… We are changing the game!!

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