An innovative NDIS partnership - Auscare Support + My Spending Planner

My Plan Build

Auscare Support + My Spending Planner: working together and with you to maximise your NDIS funding.

What is My Plan Build?

My Plan Build is a new service from Auscare Support and My Spending Planner. My Plan Build enables NDIS participants to maximise their NDIS funding.

Who We Are

Auscare Support is a team of experienced and passionate disability sector professionals with extensive front-line, support-linking and capacity-building experience, with a thorough understanding of the complexities of the NDIS.

My Spending Planner develops budgeting solutions for both NDIS participants and providers to achieve 100% plan utilisation.

An Innovative Partnership

Auscare Support Plan Builders use their indepth understanding of the NDIS and utilise budgeting tools developed by My Spending Planner to develop a plan for NDIS participants that will match their needs with their budget.

My Plan Build clients schedule sessions with an Auscare Support Plan Builder over the phone or via Zoom. During your first session, a plan is developed showing all the services you need and their cost.

Your Plan Builder sends you a detailed report that you can use as a reference and to share with your Plan Manager or Support Coordinator.

You can use My Plan Build at any point during your plan – from the beginning, to the middle, to the end. We recommend that in addition to your first Plan Build session, you schedule quarterly, half year and new Plan Build sessions.  

Clear and Transparent Pricing

Auscare Support charges for each My Plan Build session and any additional phone calls and emails. Your Core or Capacity Building budget can be used to pay for the My Plan Build service. The current hourly rate is $60 per hour

Three simple reasons to choose
My Plan Build

Auscare Support has been focused on delivering individualised, person-centric supports to individuals in the NDIS since 2015.

You are unique

Auscare Support has many clients, but to us you are as unique and individual as our first.

We answer your call

Our Plan Builders are available 9-5, Monday to Friday, to answer your call.

It is your choice

By choosing My Plan Build, you will have confidence in the choices you have made in relation to your funding.


You choose the supports you know will assist you to achieve your goals without the worry of exceeding your budget. My Plan Build clients feel in control of their funds and have peace of mind knowing that they are making the most of their NDIS funding.


Engage with the supports you need to achieve your goals with the guidance of your Plan Builder.


Auscare Support + My Spending Planner is an innovative partnership that combines Auscare Support’s vast knowledge of the complexities of the NDIS with My Spending Planner’s industry leading budgeting tools.

“The help and support I've received from Auscare has been fantastic. I would have struggled to find my way through the bureaucracy without their help. All the Auscare staff I have worked with have been very knowledgeable and very caring... I can recommend Auscare with confidence”

Contact an NDIS specialist at Auscare Support for more information

We take the time to understand your NDIS plan, your needs and your goals. This enables us to focus on your individual NDIS solutions.


1800 849 137

Alternatively, use the contact form below to get in touch with the Auscare Support team.

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