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With the arrival of 2021, many of us are following through with our New Years’ resolutions.

Many people set fitness goals, plan their next holiday (albeit to destinations closer to home these days!), or focus on moving to a new home. Another common thing on people’s minds at this time of year is their next career move.

At Auscare Support, we are constantly recruiting for experienced Support Coordinators to join our team. As the number of NDIS participants increases, so too does the demand for service providers.

There are many NDIS service providers offering Support Coordination services, so what makes Auscare Support different? Why would an experienced Support Coordinator want to join the Auscare Support Coordination team as an independent contractor? There are three key reasons:

1. Autonomy
Auscare Support is nationally accredited and our team of Support Coordinators work from home. Our Support Coordinators achieve a better work-life balance with the ability to work flexible hours from any location. This role also gives them the ability to self-direct and to focus 100% on their clients.

The number of clients our Support Coordinators can manage is capped to ensure that each client receives the same high standard of
service. We do not set any KPIs for our team to meet.

2. Professional Development
At Auscare Support, our goal is to set a benchmark across our organisation and ensure all our Independent Support Coordinators have the experience and tools they need to deliver exceptional standards of support to our participants.  

In July 2021, we appointed two “Support Coordination Coaches”. The focus of the role is to provide professional development and
additional support to our Independent Support Coordination team.

Auscare Support has also partnered with DSC, an industry leading training and consulting organisation, to utilise their Fora training platform. These training modules give our Independent Support Coordinators the opportunity to refresh their skills and enhance their industry knowledge. 

3) Purpose
By being part of the Auscare Support Coordination team, you will be at the forefront of raising the standards of disability care in
Australia, while making a difference in your local community.

The combination of autonomy and ongoing professional development opportunities will enable you to work with purpose and to deliver
real change to your clients.

So, if you are reflecting on your career options for 2021 and want to learn more about this exciting opportunity to join our progressive, innovative and rapidly growing team, please visit our Support Coordinator Landing Page.

The page features:

  • A list of the skills, experience and qualifications you need to join the team;

  • An outline of the engagement process;

  • An interview with Lija Taylor, one of our independent Support Coordinators;

  • A video outlining what it is like to work with Auscare Support; and

  • A link to apply to current positions

We look forward to hearing from you.

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