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Kirra & Tara: A Story of Friendship and Independence

Kirra is a very outgoing 26-year-old with aspirations of becoming more independent. She wanted to live in her own home with a housemate to share the experience with, but be close enough to her parents home.

Tara, a gentle and caring 21 year old, grew up in a stable foster care placement with her sister. Like Kirra, Tara also dreamed of living in her own home and being more independent, however, she really needed to share her journey with a female peer and be geographically close to her foster family.

Both the girls shared the same NDIS goal of living independently with a like-minded friend, however, they had different funding levels based on their individually assessed needs.

Kirra’s parents had decided to move forward with renting a property on the NSW South Coast for Kirra to live in, with whomever her new housemate might be. It happened to be close to Tara and her foster family.

As the Support Coordinator for both Kirra and Tara, I spoke with the girl’s nominees about the opportunity that existed for Kirra and Tara to achieve their common goal. They all agreed that the girls should meet.

Kirra and Tara instantly formed a strong bond and friendship. Everyone thought that it would be a great idea for the girls to be housemates and their nominees worked out the rental and furnishing logistics. I developed a unique and individualised roster of support to ensure the girl’s needs were met within their different funding allocations.

The girls were guided by me and their families to undertake interviews with potential Support Workers listed on Mable and through existing community networks. An awesome team of independent Support Workers were engaged, and Tara and Kirra moved in together in January 2021.

A WhatsApp chat group was also set up so that all of the support team and family members could monitor and discuss issues relating to the girls and the operation of their new home.

Tara said to me on the day she moved into her new home, “I have been waiting so long for this to happen, I feel like I can finally live my life.”

Helping NDIS participants to achieve their goals is the reason why I pursued a career as a Support Coordinator. This experience with Kirra and Tara has been so rewarding.

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