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Introducing Kingston, The Auscare Support Koala

It is with great pleasure that we introduce to you the newest member of the team. Please put your hands together for Kingston.

Kingston’s an Auscare Support Ambassador. His role is a simple one – but important. He is here to explain things.

His first contribution – is to explain to you all how easy it is to change from Agency or Self-Managed to Auscare Support Plan Management (Check out Kingston’s debut video below!)

What’s more important – is that once you choose Auscare Support as your plan manager… then not only do you have Kingston on your team, but you get the support of a nationally accredited Plan Management Provider.

We have a people-focused approach to our clients… we take the time to get to know you, and your unique situation. We provide a personal service when you call, and we always try to respond to any emails you send us on the same day.

To this end, we are introducing some Service Level Agreements – SLA’s – that we will commit to. These are going to ensure that whilst it’s easy to change to Auscare Support Plan Management, you are making the choice to sign up with a provider committed to making sure that we are best in class, top of our game – so that you can concentrate on what makes you happy, and rest assured that your providers are being paid as quickly as possible…

1. Payment Terms

Currently we aim to pay your invoices in 5-7 working days. By June 30, 2021, we will commit to paying invoices ON THE DAY WE RECEIVE THEM. We are currently investing in some whizz bang technology – that will enable us to make this amazingly quick payment.

2. Answering your queries

If you send us an email, or leave us a voicemail, we will answer you ON THE SAME DAY. We will guarantee this from 1st January 2021. But we will also be looking to make sure that we have enough team members on the tools to answer the phone when it rings. So that if you need to talk to us – we are there for you.

So, whilst two SLA’s are not many, we believe that they address two of the fundamentals of being a brilliant plan manager.

Paying providers for the work and service they have provided and being contactable.

So, if you want to make the switch to Auscare Support Plan Management – here’s Kingston to tell you how to do so…

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