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Auscare Support has, since 2017, used the hashtag #outcomefocused. For me the words were self-explanatory. But in hindsight, perhaps that is oversimplifying how important, fundamental and intrinsic it is to the soul of Auscare Support. 

Social Ventures Australia define outcomes as:

“Changes that occur for individuals, groups, families, organisations, systems, or communities during or after an activity.

Changes can include:

  • Attributes,
  • Values,
  • Behaviours, or
  • Conditions

Changes can be short-term, medium-term or long term.”

Auscare Support has always maintained the theory that the introduction of person-centric NDIS funding, giving control and choice to the person who needs the support, by removing the bulk funding model, enables us to effect real changes for those individuals or their families… and then groups and communities too.

Why Auscare Support continued to focus on outcomes.

  1. With a focus on the outcomes as a driver for our organisation – outcomes become the target. Like having a compass when you are orienteering. With this focus, we create greater and faster desired impact.

  2. “Serve The People”… this is a hashtag from the popular beer brand Young Henry’s but it’s also why we focus on outcomes and their impact. Often with many conflicting factors that are being considered – Auscare Support’s #outcomefocus – which is the desired outcomes of our clients or their families – enables this to be at the centre of the design of our services and processes.

  3. Being focused on outcomes has fostered our innovative approach. Whilst we are very proud, rightly so, of the innovative relationship we have with Mable… we are currently exploring other innovative partnership opportunities.

The Auscare Support and Mable Story.

In 2017, I was the Support Coordinator for a group home, housing 5 gentlemen in Sydney’s Miranda. I noted that the chaps were all getting a little bit frustrated at the monotony of the community access and day programs that they were enrolled in.

I spoke to parents, guardians and their key workers. I asked the men and their supports what other social activity that they individually might enjoy.

One chap loved cars… wanted to go to a car show. Another loved to tend to the garden – so a walk around a garden centre or a drive into the national park was his thing. The picture was becoming pretty clear, so, we talked to the provider managing the house and started to hunt for support staff that could offer a more bespoke service to them.

This led me to investigating the Mable Platform… this was a platform where we, as Support Coordinators, could search for specific skills or qualities. One of the men at the group home was Muslim and we thought it would be best if his Support Worker, at least had a firm understanding of the faith he was raised in.

We ran into a problem however. The chaps were all National Disability Insurance AGENCY managed, meaning that they could only access support from NDIS accredited providers. Mable was not accredited.

I called Peter Scutt, Mable CEO, and together we thrashed out a solution… an innovative solution.

Auscare Support would use our accreditation and sign an agreement with the participants or their families. Through this, we would then be able to engage with the Support Workers through the Mable platform.

Bingo – A win :: win solution. All because we focused on the outcomes for the residents of the home.

The result – a hugely positive impact on the residents. They were all much happier with their bespoke community access… and social participation. They all were happy to have an individually tailored support.

Innovation because of a focus on outcomes.

As we head into the FY 20/21 we are about to undertake a comprehensive exercise of self-evaluation and reflection.

  • Are our internal processes and training laser focused on our client’s outcomes?

  • How do we maximise the impact that we have on clients, their families, our teammates?

  • What can we do better and how can we get everyone on the same page quickly?

Stay tuned – and follow the #outcomefocused hashtag on facebookLinkedInGoogle My Business and Instagram.

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