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Meet Liz Hunter


Liz Hunter

Liz Hunter 

Started with Auscare Support: March 2021

What I do:  
I help move projects along and monitoring their progress.

Unique skills: 
My unique skill is keeping projects on track from start to finish.

Previous experience:
I’ve had years of working on projects, ranging from acquiring financial data for processing and disseminating to financial-market clients, to merging databases.

Other interesting roles:
I’ve been a futures dealer and a remedial massage therapist. Completely different!

What’s Auscare Support like?
I love working with people who are so passionate about their clients and their welfare, and are so patient in helping me get up to speed.

Life outside:
Outside work I spend time with my family, love going to the theatre and cooking.  Can’t wait to go travelling again when we can.

To sum me up:
 I’m a passionate family girl who is loving being able to work in a very worthwhile industry.

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