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Meet Linda Dickey

Finance Team – Data & Reporting

Linda Dickey

Linda Dickey
Finance Team – Data & Reporting 

Started with Auscare Support: 7 months.

What I do:  
I provide reporting and analytical support to Auscare. I am a member of Finance Team.

Unique skills:  
I have a bunch of hidden talents from brainstorming business strategy, process auditing skills (what are we missing here?), creating insightful and automated reports, to producing the documentation usually missing in fast-growing businesses. If there’s a gap, I’ll find it.

Previous experience: 
I have a background in accounting, financial and information technology in the corporate sector, and have more recently been providing decision support to fast growing startups.

Other interesting roles:
I helped setup a make-do library of things in my local community.

What’s Auscare Support like?
A great organisation attracts a great team! The staff in Auscare Support are friendly, supportive, and very helpful.  I really love the work life opportunities that Auscare Support offer to their employees.

Life outside:
I’m interested in sustainability and wellness – living a simple life and reducing my impact on the environment. I am really enjoying my family as my children transition to adulthood. I like walking, yoga, and growers’ markets.

To sum me up:
There’s a lot more to see if you take a closer look – I take some time to warm up, but I’m capable of some amazing things once I get rolling.

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