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Jessica O’Halloran

Recruitment Manager

What I do

I manage the Recruitment and Onboarding for a range of roles within the business nationally, including our Support Coordinators and Plan Managers. I am also involved in assisting with the growth and expansion of our employee branding goals and marketing and community engagement.

Started with Auscare Support: August 2021.

Unique skills:
I am passionate about people and workplace culture. I have the ability to establish rapport with others very quickly and genuinely love getting to know what their superpowers are.

Previous experience:
I was lucky to start my recruitment & HR journey with one of Australia’s best employers (officially named in the Hewitt Awards). It was through my 10 years with Salesforce that I oversaw the recruitment for key clients such as Foxtel, Medibank and Jetstar.

Living in the Byron Bay region has meant that I have been lucky to also dabble in the marketing of some small local brands and accommodation providers.

Other interesting roles:
I am a mother of 3 beautiful girls. This is by far the most challenging and rewarding role I have ever had.

What’s Auscare Support like?
Auscare Support is a company made up of like-minded, passionate and caring individuals who are supportive and really value each other and the business.

Auscare is also a really dynamic company – very forward thinking and flexible.

Life outside:
I am a community girl, so you will often find me involved in local initiatives and running community events to bring people together for a common cause or a bit of fun!

Downtime for me is always spent with a good book or by the ocean.

To sum me up:
I am compassionate and creative and love to think outside the box. I am always looking to add some sparkle to the task at hand!

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