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Expression of Interest: Peer Support for Young People in the Shoalhaven

Auscare Support is exploring the introduction of Peer Support for young people living in the Shoalhaven region

We want to hear from you so that we can shape this support to meet the needs of local youth.

Our Peer Support service is not a one-size-fits-all option.

Participants don’t have to fit in with groups to engage in preplanned activities or outings on specific days of the week.

Auscare Peer Support will be a much more individualised alternative where young people can focus on and pursue individual opportunities for self-development.

Particpants will be matched with a mentor with similar interests to them. The participant chooses what they want to do and when with the support of their mentor.

For example, if a Participant has a goal to engage in activities in the community and they have a keen interest in music, the mentor can take the participant out to local performances on a regular basis. 

If a Participant wants to reengage with school or explore post-school options, a mentor can help the Participant with their studies or explore post-school employment or education opportunities.

If the Participant wants to improve their health and fitness, the mentor can accompany them on walks, swimming or other exercise activities.

This service will offer participants:

  • Qualitative peer support when experiencing shortened school hours, or during periods of suspension;
  • Improved access to community activities/recreation/hobbies of interest to them;

  • Individual development opportunities when deciding what to do when they leave school; 

  • Outings and weekends away; and

  • The opportunity to build friendships with people who have similar interests.

Auscare Support is committed to working with the community to ensure young people in the Shoalhaven have the support they need to achieve their goals.

Contact us now
to register your interest in Peer Support or any other services that are not currently being provided in the area.

Please call 1800 940 515, email: [email protected] or just comment below. 

We appreciate your input! 



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