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Margaret Tully

CFO/ CEO of Auscare Support

What I do

I am responsible for the finance and operations of Auscare Support. Thank goodness I have a fantastic team that works with me on meeting our goals.

Started with Auscare Support: May 2018

Unique skills:
My strengths are multi-tasking, recognising the value of a good team and having the ability to make decisions.

Previous experience:
My background is accounting and finance. My first career was working as an accountant in investment banks. This experience taught me how to survive in a fast-paced environment and to get things done.

Other interesting roles:
I spent a season working as a ski instructor in Austria!

What’s Auscare Support like?
I love it. I can affect change and work with the team to make the best policies and processes for our participants.

Life outside:
I spend time with my children and husband; play video games with them; escape to the shops; play golf and enjoy time with friends.

To sum me up:
I’m so glad I gave up investment banking and moved into a more meaningful environment.

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