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Jessian Polk

Marketing Director

What I do

I work with the team to ensure that Auscare Support’s key purpose and mission are articulated and communicated across multiple mediums.

Started with Auscare Support: 2017.

Unique skills:
I am very good at seeing and translating the ‘brand’ and how this needs to tell our unique story.

Previous experience:
I have been in fashion retail and production for over a decade.

Other interesting roles:
I have worked as a stylist and marketing consultant for global brands but I’ll never forget my first role at McDonalds.

What’s Auscare Support like?
It’s a wonderful collective of passionate talented and dedicated professionals – who all pull together for the greater good.

Life outside:
Max and I recently welcomed little Zsa Zsa into the world. She was born in April and brings us so much joy and happiness.

To sum me up:
“Ride ride the carousel, and reach for the golden ring, for life is a circular thing.”

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