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Evolving with the NDIS… It’s all about change

Each quarter, the NDIS releases a report that provides an insight into active participants and service providers. The Q4 report was published last week.

The report is extensive, close to 600 pages, but here is a snapshot.


  • Between 2015-16 and 2019-20, the number of active participants has grown from 29,719 to 391,999 with an increase of 28,818 in the last quarter. The total number of active participants is expected to reach over 500,000 by 2025;
  • 34% of new participants this quarter were aged 0-6;
  • The national roll-out of the NDIS was completed on 1 July 2020;
  • The average plan size has increased to $50.8K;
  • The plan utilisation rate is just 70%;
  • 8.1% of participants who received a plan this quarter identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander;
  • 10.9% of participants identify as Culturally and Linguistically diverse; and
  • 2% of participants were from remote regions


  • The total number of providers is now 14,882, an increase of 348 since the last quarter;
  • 8,247 of these providers are registered as Therapeutic supports;
  • 62% of funds are paid to just 10 providers; and
  • $16.1 billion was paid to providers last year

So, with the national roll-out of the NDIS complete, a significant increase in active participants and an ongoing increase in the average plan size, the demand for services is increasing. How is Auscare Support responding to this increase in demand?

Since 2015, Auscare Support has been growing exponentially. In the last quarter, our client numbers have continued to rise and so too has our team of employees and independent Support Coordinators.

  • Since July, we have employed two Support Coordinator Coaches to provide support to our rapidly growing team of Support Coordinators. Our coaches assist our Support Coordinators to provide best in class Support Coordination services;
  • 9 new Support Coordinators have joined our team in areas including South Australia, the Shoalhaven (NSW), South West and Western Sydney (NSW), the St.George, Sutherland Shire and South Sydney suburbs (NSW), the Mid-North and Far-North Coast of NSW. All of our Support Coordinators work closely with our diverse range of clients located in NSW, VIC, ACT, SA and QLD to build their capacity and to assist them to achieve their goals;
  • We have employed four new Plan Managers, taking the total number to six, to ensure service providers are paid quickly and that services remain consistent for our clients; and
  • We have appointed a Recruitment Manager, Marketing and Communications Manager and have bolstered our head office administrative team to ensure that our business operations are robust, sustainable and we maintain our reputation for providing exceptional service.

At Auscare Support, we understand that we need to evolve just as the NDIS is. In order to maintain our high level of client service, we need to have a team of exceptional professionals, all with different skillsets, to ensure that NDIS participants are aware of the services we offer, that we recruit the right people to help our clients achieve their goals, to build their capacity and to exercise choice and control over the decisions that affect them. The common thread that binds our team is a collective resonance with Auscare Support’s mission to “empower great futures for our clients and their families.”

What does the future hold for Auscare Support?

With the steady increase in NDIS participants coinciding with the completion of the national roll-out of the NDIS, more and more NDIS participants are needing assistance to connect with service providers. Many are opting to have their NDIS funding Plan-managed, just over a third are funded for Support Coordination and there is also an ongoing demand to find support workers best suited to meet participants needs.

Auscare Support’s Plan Management, Support Coordination and Auscare + Mable partnership is available to help any NDIS participant looking to engage a service provider who is genuinely focused on their needs, not the bottom line.

Auscare Support is not one of the ten service providers currently receiving 62% of NDIS payments, but if you are looking for a more personal and client-focused provider, we are here to help. We hope to be able to continue to make a positive difference to both the lives of NDIS participants and their families and to make a contribution to an increase in plan utilisation rates in both existing and new service areas.  The NDIS funding is there to support participants and our team will do everything they can to help them maximise their funding.

Auscare Support will continue to evolve. Stay tuned for some exciting announcements in October!

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