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Deliberately Developmental Organisation… How Auscare Support is Transforming its Culture!

Deliberately Developmental Organisation.


Auscare Support is on a journey. We are embarking a transformation.

And we owe it all to Richard Branson.

Richard Branson – was quoted as saying that his success at Virgin – was due to looking after his staff.

He looked after them. They looked after the Virgin clients. The business flourished. Simple.

I came across that concept of running a business in the 90’s.

Then in the 2000’s I ran a recruitment company. It drove me mad all of the time that my “consultants” spent pretending to be busy.

It became excruciating to me the need to micromanage these people who put more energy into looking busy than they did just doing their job, developing sales pipelines and making commission.

Why, I thought, do they not want to focus their time on actually being successful, to hitting targets and achieving their goals. Why do they constantly create a façade?

It turns out that pretending to be busy and giving the impression of being “all over” your work is very common…


Buurtzorg is an amazing organisation in the Netherlands. They created a methodology of Neighborhood teams. These teams were supported by a robust head office. This supportive environment positively encouraged autonomous teams of nurses to deliver proactive healthcare to the communities in which they lived.

I resonated with this.

If I could employ a similar concept to my teams of Support Coordinators, then we would be able to deliver on our goal of becoming a national provider of Support Coordination services, empowering localised, community-based teams, of autonomous Support Coordinators, to deliver best in class Support Coordination services.

Simple, no? Take the magic powder – sprinkle liberally over Auscare Support – bake for 6-9 months and you will have a perfect cake… with icing on top and a cherry to boot.

I reached out to the founders in the Netherlands. Had zoom calls with the licence holder in Perth, asked for an abridged version, so we could take the bits we liked, and discard the bits we thought were too Dutch, too difficult to apply to the Australian market, to Support Coordination…

But as the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon predicts, I then started coming across more methodologies. (Baader-Meinhof, otherwise known as the frequency illusion, implies the phenomenon occurring when something you’ve just noticed (eg yellow car) suddenly crops up everywhere.)

Buurtzorg had some competition.There were DDO’s (Deliberately Developmental Organisations) as described in the book “An Everyone Culture,” written by Keegan & Lahey.

DDO’s are organisations that:

“operate on the foundational assumptions that adults can grow; that not only is attention to the bottom line and the personal growth of all employees desirable, but the two are interdependent; that both profitability and individual development rely on structures that are built into every aspect of how the company operates; and that people grow through the proper combination of challenge and support, which includes recognizing and transcending their blind spots, limitations, and internal resistance to change”

So how does Auscare Support aim to challenge and support?

How will we bring our team mates on this journey or personal growth?

How do we even begin to recognise and transcend our blind spots, limitations and internal resistance to change?

What does any of that all mean?

Trust and your true self?

So, it’s September 23rd 2020… I am writing this and my hope is that for the next 6-9 months – every month, that I give an update on the journey we are undertaking. The challenges we are facing, and the dead ends we go down.

I am not scared of being honest and telling you about things we try that don’t work.

And my hope – is that you watch us on this journey – and that you then go on your own developmental path, personally or professionally.

That you trust in the outcome and the destination.

That you want to be your true self, however that may present itself.

For me I hope that we at Auscare Support – develop a methodology – that looks something like this:

  1. A national Provider of Support Coordinators – based on the concept of autonomous community-based teams – delivering the best in class Support Coordination;

  2. Supported by a robust technology lead Head Office – that is trusted by the individuals and teams which it supports;

  3. An environment that supports honesty at work, where vulnerability is not discouraged but where you and your teammates pull in the same direction collectively; and

  4. To enable great futures for our teammates and our organisation – so that we enable great futures for our clients and their families

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