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Auscare Support is committed to taking all complaints seriously, treating all people fairly, and completing all corrective actions in a timely manner.



‘complaint’ – means an expression of dissatisfaction with the provision of a service, including how a previous complaint was handled, for which a response or resolution is expected. 

‘Auscare Support’ – means the entire organisation 

‘Auscare Support management’ – means Auscare Support managers, supervisors, team leaders and all employees with supervisory responsibilities. 

‘Auscare Support representatives’ – means Auscare Support employees, contractors and volunteers. 

‘client’ – means person receiving services or supports from Auscare Support 

‘client representative’ – means a client’s family, friends, guardians, or plan nominee. 



This policy applies when clients want to submit feedback or make a complaint.

•This policy applies to all feedback and complaints received, regardless of the source.

This policy applies to all Auscare Support’s representatives including key management personnel, directors, full-time workers, part-time workers, casual workers, contractors and volunteers.



Who can make a Complaint? 

Anyone can make a complaint including: 

•a client

•a client’s representative

•a clients’ financial manager

•an advocate

•an Auscare Support representative

•a community member

•a professional

•a member of the public.

Complaints can be made: 

•in person

• by email – [email protected]

• in writing – 3/118 Tamar Street, Ballina, NSW 2748

•by phone – 1800 940 515

•on the web –

Complaints help us: 

•identify problems

•improve services

•provide better outcomes to our clients.

Complaints can be made about any part of the quality or delivery of our services and can be made anonymously. 

Complaints can be made to Auscare Support or directly to the NDIS Commissioner at: 

Feedback and complaints | NDIS 


5.Auscare Support Complaints System

Auscare Support works to ensure clients: 

•are aware of their right to make a complaint

•feel empowered to make a complaint

•are supported to make a complaint

•are involved in the resolution process after making a complaint

•know they won’t be adversely affected as a result of making a complaint.

Complaint Monitoring 

•Auscare Support will monitor all complaints using a complaint register which will include up-to-date progress of each complaint and whether it is currently open or closed (resolved)

•Auscare Support Management will regularly review the register.

•Accurate information of complaints received will be recorded and kept for 7 years from the date of the complaint.

Complaint Referrals 

Complaints to the NDIS Commissioner may be referred to other agencies or bodies, if needed, including: 

•non-compliance with the NDIS code of conduct

•inappropriate or unauthorised use of restrictive practice

•employee screening issues e.g. if an Auscare Support representative was found to have a criminal history (for more information, refer to the worker screening policy)

•incidents relevant to other bodies (police, consumer affairs agencies or other regulatory bodies).

Complaints process 

When a complaint is received 

1.The Auscare Support Representative receiving the complaint, is to complete an Auscare SupportComplaint form with as much detail as possible.

2.The completed complaint form and any additional documentation is to be emailed to[email protected]

3.The compliance team member will upload a copy of the complaint form and any additional information to the complaints file on teams

4.The compliance team member will update the compliant register

5.The compliance manager will complete the following:

Send email to complainant to inform them that we have received the complaint with 2 days.

•Email to include the complaint processes (see below)

•Auscare Support’s Complaints policy

•Investigate the complaint

Decide on actions required 

• Provide a summary to the CEO and COO about the complaint and the proposed action 

Complete the complaint investigation form 

• Upload a copy of the complaint investigation form to complaint file in teams. 

If the complaint needs to be reported to the NDIS Commission or if the complaint has come from the NDIS Commission, the Compliance Manager needs to inform the COO if the complaint is to be registered in the Commission portal and the CEO will respond directly to the NDIS Commission. 

Complaints process for email to Complainant. 

We acknowledge that you have made a complaint on the (date). 

At Auscare Support, we take all complaints and feedback seriously and we will ensure the following occurs: 

• Investigation of your complaint is conducted in a fair and efficient manner 

We will work with you to resolve the issue 

• Any necessary actions are carried out 

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint, you are able to make a complaint to the NDIS Commission. This link describes how to make a complaint to the NDIS Commission, or you can phone them on 1800 035 544 (free call from landlines) or TTY 133 677. 

Please allow 5 business days for Auscare Support to undertake the investigation of your concerns and contact you again. 

After the above actions have taken place, and to resolve the complaint, the Compliance Manager will: 

• Respond to the complainant and either inform them of the actions taken or work with the complainant for a satisfactory resolution 

• Complete the complaints form and the send to the Compliance Officer who will enter compliant into the Auscare Support Incidents and Complaints register 

If required, the complaint will be registered in the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission portal. 


6. Source Document 

NDIS (Complaints Management and Resolution) Rules 2018 

NDIS Terms of Business 


7. Version Control and approval 




Summary of changes 



Project Manager Accreditation 

New Policy 



Support Coordination Coach 

Update policy in line with NDIS updates and practices. 



Compliance Officer 

Update policy in line with Auscare Support complaint procedures 



Compliance Officer 

Update policy in line with Auscare Support processes



Approved by 

Max King 


Effective date 

July 2022 

Review date 

July 2024 


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